2023-2024 College Football Bowl Game Schedule for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Calendar apps

Updated December 3rd, 2023.

Here’s the 2023-2024 College Football Bowl Game calendar for your iPhone and iPad and Mac. Click here to get it. It also works with Google Calendar (see below).

The College Football Bowl Game calendar includes teams, times, games, locations, and in some cases point spreads (via DraftKings.com, correct as of when I last updated the calendar). Plus the TV network the game will be on. Updated with the scores as the games are played. This is the 9th year I’ve done it, with many subscribers magically seeing the games appear year after year. (That’s why you “subscribe.”)

The listings for the games start with little football icons, as shown below, so you can quickly pick out the bowl games from amongst your other appointments.

College Football Bowl Games calendar on iPhone 15 Pro, iOS 17.1.2
College Football Bowl Games calendar on iPhone 15 Pro, iOS 17.1.2

Here’s how it looks on a Mac, macOS 14.1.1:

College Football Bowl Games calendar on macOS 14.1.1
College Football Bowl Games calendar on macOS 14.1.1

Pretty handy to have the games integrated with your regular Calendar app (in their own category of course). You don’t have to do anything to get the updates– they’ll come in automatically. See the info below about how to properly subscribe to the calendar.

Subscribe once and you’ll have next year’s schedule too. And the year after that. Etc. Next year, you don’t have to do anything. The games will just show up.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice the NFL games on Sunday Nights, Monday Nights, and Thursday Nights. Those are from my NFL Prime Time calendar. Use the link to get that calendar too!

How to add the college football bowl games to your Google calendar

Just right-click this link and copy it, go to Google Calendar (that is, use a web browser to go to gmail.com, sign in if necessary, then go to the Calendar section), and click the plus sign to the right of “Other calendars.” Choose the option “From URL.” Paste in what you copied and you’re all set.

Adding the College Football Bowl Games calendar to a Google account via "From URL."
Adding a calendar “From URL” to Google Calendar

Google can be very, very slow to update calendars. It’s been this way for years (read all about it, here, and here). This means you may not see the calendar updating as I modify it to show the scores. The only practical solution for you is to unsubscribe from the calendar and then to re-subscribe to it again. Important: you need to add something new to the URL when you resubscribe or else you will get the older version of the calendar, which Google has cached. Just add “?noCache” to the end of the URL. Google Calendar will see this and pull in the new info, and you will be all set. Contact me if you need help, or read this excellent article by Andrew Martin.

More Info

On iPhones and iPads and Macs, if you’re asked where to import the calendar, choose “New Calendar.” When you’re asked whether you want to subscribe to the calendar, the answer is YES, you want to subscribe. That way you get updates when I change something. Also, if you subscribe you will get updates next year, and the next year, and so on. Subscribing is free, and you don’t have to give me your email address or anything like that. And of course you can unsubscribe if you want. It would be cool if you shared the calendar on your various social media platforms.

Here’s how it will look as you click through subscribing.

College Football Bowl Games calendar set-up (on macOS)
Adding the calendar. You get this after clicking a link on this page, and then letting the Mac or iPhone open the link with the Calendar app. Finally, you click “Subscribe” and you see this.

It would be smart to set up your calendar like this, if you can. For sure turn on the auto-refresh. You want the latest info.

The calendar is now called “College Football Bowl Games” (I removed the year from the name, as this calendar is perpetual– the only college football bowl calendar you need, year after year). Subscribe once and you’re all set, for this year and the next and the next etc. I’m not planning on stopping.

The calendar has all the important information (dates, times, teams, TV network). Times are correct for your time zone, whichever way your calendar is set. For example, the New Year’s Day Rose Bowl game is shown starting at 2 PM Pacific Time, and 4 PM Central Time.

I update the calendar with the scores of the games as they happen. You can subscribe to the calendar now and just let me update the source as the info becomes available. Your calendar app will always show the latest info. Click the link, remember to tell it to refresh (recommendation: either daily or hourly), and you’ll have the information at your fingertips. Or at least on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Note: I made this calendar because I couldn’t find one online. Yes, I could find a web page with the games, but no, I couldn’t find a calendar that I could import into my iPhone’s Calendar app. It’s way better to see the games listed right there with your other Calendar appointments than to be flipping back and forth between Calendar and a listing on a web page. I couldn’t find what I wanted elsewhere– so I made it myself.

If all you want is a web page with a listing of the bowl games, go to ESPN.com and get it there. You can also get a listing at cbssports.com. Between those sites, which don’t always agree, and by going to the home page for each of the over 40 bowl games, I was able to get all the info I needed. Then I converted it to an iCal calendar that works with your standard iPhone and iPad and Mac Calendar apps. As a bonus it also works with Google Calendar.

UPDATE: now doing the same sort of calendar for March Madness! Check it out.

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68 thoughts on “2023-2024 College Football Bowl Game Schedule for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Calendar apps

Add yours

  1. Nicely done. Just what I was looking for. It looks like you still need to add the teams for the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl. Ohio St v Clemson I believe. Thanks again.

  2. Downloaded calendar but times listed in my calendar are pacific zone. I would like start times listed in central time zone. How?

  3. Great idea. Wanted to find a way to track the games. Can the calendar event also contain the broadcasters that will be carrying the game? Not local stations, just something like: ESPN, ABC, CBS, FOX, etc.

    Perhaps: Boca Raton: Florida Atlantic vs. Temple – ESPN

    1. You should be able to right-click the link and “copy link.” Then, in Google Calendar, “Add a Friend’s Calendar” and paste in the URL. It starts with “webcal.” Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

  4. Awesome. something you’d think big players like espn or cbs sports would have available. but no. my man Christian pulls through FTW

  5. Subscribed. Really well done.

    If you’re open to ideas for improvement/adjustment, I think the point spreads for each game would be super cool. (I know these change constantly but whatever line you find first is fine to give the reader a rough idea of who’s favored or how the game might go.)

    1. Hi Austin. That’s a good idea. I didn’t want to make it look like I made the calendar for the bettors, and as you say point spreads change all the time, so I left that out. But it’s probably a good idea, so I’ll probably add that info. How do you think it should look in the calendar–maybe like this?

      ? Las Vegas Bowl : Fresno State (-4.5) vs Arizona State (TV: ABC)


      ? Las Vegas Bowl : Fresno State vs Arizona State (+4.5) (TV: ABC)

      or… ?

      I could also include the over-under total.

      1. Hey Christian , thanks for the reply.

        I liked the first way you had it [e.g. Fresno State (-4.5)]. Whatever style you come up with I’m sure will keep the calendar simple and streamlined which you’ve already done a great job of. Over-under would be cool as well.

        I’m not too familiar with certain sources. Usually I’ll go to the matchup on ESPN.com and you’ll see this info on the left of the page in Pick Center. For example: http://www.espn.com/college-football/game/_/gameId/401032055

        1. I’ve added the point spreads. I update the calendar with the scores of the games so eventually the calendar will show something like this:

          ? Las Vegas Bowl : Fresno State 23, Arizona State 20 (TV: ABC)

          The point spreads will be gone at that point. I could, however, put the spreads in the notes and not in the titles. Then a person could look at the calendar, see the score, and see how it played out against the spread. I think it’s handy to have the spread info in the title so you don’t have to click to see it, so I think I’ll leave it as is until the games are played, then update with the score and at that time move the spread info to the notes.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, G! Yes, tell your friends for sure. The more the merrier. This calendar should have been available on the big sites like ESPN or even NCAA.com but it isn’t… so I had to do it myself! Now that you have it, you’ll have the games next year too.

    1. Hi Pete. Since you have a gmail account you should be able to add the calendar to your gmail account, and then show that in Outlook. I have special instructions for gmail users near the top of the post. I see the instructions are not as clear as they could be so I will improve them. If you still have trouble let me know.

      That assumes you are using Outlook 2016 on the Mac. If you’re using Outlook.com let me know and I will find a way to make it work there too.

    1. Hi Ernie. I wonder if it’s a time zone thing. Where are you (or, which time zone are you in)? If you’re in the Eastern Time Zone I think the games are likely to finish after midnight. I have conservatively blocked out four hours per game, so the games that start at 9 PM in the East will show up on the next day.

    1. Mark, your message made my day! You should see next year’s games magically appear in the calendar without doing anything at all.

      I’d appreciate you sharing the blog post however you can– it helps others, and it helps the blog!

  6. Any way to break these down by conference? I realize no one really cares much about the SEC, other than me – but it’s really the only once I care about 😉

    1. Hi JohnnyReb– first of all, great name.

      I can send you the iCal file, which you can then import into your own calendar, and delete the events you don’t care about. It won’t be connected to my calendar anymore– scores won’t be added, and it won’t show next year’s games– but you’ll have what you want. Let me know if that would help you out.

      1. That’d be awesome – thanks! Oh, and I should have stated “Southeastern Conference” rather than SEC – I realize YOU probably know about our little conference, but for anyone else reading the comments…
        Usually we’re pretty good at basketball – that’s why Florida State joined up, y’know? They wanted to get better at basketball. But for the most part, we haven’t really been much since ol’ Rudy left.
        I just hope we finally win one this year 🙁 – and looks like we’re in a couple of big ones, too!
        Thanks for the schedule!

          1. The Pac-12? No worries – you’ll be ridiculously overhyped again by the start of next season. And until you screw up and beat each other, guaranteed #2 (well it really SHOULD be #1 obviously) throughout the year. Like a whole conference of Notre Dames you got there! Heisman candies at the VERY least!
            Thanks, man – it’s the gmail/this one. And hey, what’s a bowl schedule without somebody pullin’ your card… don’t quote me, boy – I ain’t said… nuttin’ 🙂 Language, boyz!

          2. Excellent assessment. I may come back and check on this next year to see how accurate you are. I have UCLA and Texas roots by the way. UCLA is on the way up. Texas could be really good except they seem to think they have already “arrived” so they don’t appear to be thinking there’s room for improvement. If they did, and they worked at it, I think they would be a tough customer.

            Calendar file on its way in a few minutes.

    1. Let me know how it goes, whether you’re able to import it etc. Also, any ideas or suggestions for next year’s calendar are welcome. I could include, in the details of each game, the conference affiliations. For example. Or their records. Or whatever. We have almost an entire year to think it over.

  7. Very cool tool! I just installed it on my Google calendar. AFAICT the names, times, channels all show correctly. Any word on when the teams will be added to the description?

    1. The descriptions are complete now. Let me know how it looks for you. Google Calendar is slow to update from an iCal-style calendar but it will eventually work. If it isn’t showing up-to-date info, delete the calendar and add it again.

  8. Hi Christian, thank you so much for doing this, it’s awesome! This works well on my iPad, however the team names still aren’t showing up on my Google Calendar, when I add it from URL. Thanks again!

    1. I’ll look into it. This is an ongoing issue with Google Calendar. I think it caches things so it doesn’t update. I’ll see if there’s a way to force an update. Try deleting the calendar and adding it again in the meantime. Let me know how it goes.

    1. Awesome. You’re welcome. Do share the blog post with others if you can. The more the merrier. There are Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn buttons at the bottom– it just takes a click.

      Glad you asked about this problem as it inspired me to investigate.

    1. If you want a web page with a list of all the games here it is: https://www.espn.com/college-football/schedule/_/week/1/seasontype/3.

      ESON’s page has good information but it’s a web page, not a calendar that integrates with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac Calendar apps. What I’ve done is convert that info into something that you can view in the Calendar apps (or Google Calendar also), and once subscribed, you’ll never have to wonder where to find the listings. They’ll be right there in your calendar app, year after year.

  9. Thanks for posting this! I’ve used a google calendar every year for the last decade, and I agree, having these directly in your calendar appointments is the way to go. Thanks for doing the legwork.

    1. You’re welcome. I’ll keep doing it until there’s another version that’s just as good. So far, the NCAA hasn’t stepped up and neither has ESPN. By the way, ESPN does not list the Celebration Bowl (Saturday at 9 AM Pacific, between Jackson State and South Carolina State) but the NCAA does. I just learned of the game tonight thanks to another subscribers to the calendar and I’ve added it,

  10. Thanks for doing this…I like your NFL primetime and NCAA iCal schedules. Just curious if you’ve ever considered doing a primetime NBA calendar, like the games that air on TNT, ESPN, etc…or an NBA playoffs/finals calendar.

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