NCAA March Madness Calendar for iPhone, Mac, and iPad

Updated November 1st, 2022.

Here is the 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament calendar, in ics (iCal) form. It’s as up-to-the-minute as I can make it and I’ll keep updating it as games are played. Game times are correct for your time zone– none of that “All Times Eastern” stuff. The scores will be added as the tournament progresses.

Bonus: if you subscribe to the calendar this year, next year you won’t have to do a thing. The games will magically appear in your calendar next March. I’ve been doing this since 2019’s tournament and I plan to keep doing it every year.

Calendar app with March Madness calendar.
NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament calendar, in the Mac’s Calendar app

Getting the calendar is easy: all you have to do is click this link. When you do that, you’ll probably be asked whether it’s OK for Calendar to open the link. The answer is YES. When adding the calendar to your Mac you’ll get a box like this:

Subscribing to the calendar.

Then you’ll get a box like this:

Auto-refresh at least once a day so you get the updated information.
Auto-refresh at least once a day so you get the updated information.

If you subscribe on the Mac and you add the calendar to your iCloud account it will show up on your iPhone automatically.

If you are subscribing using your iPhone you’ll see screens like these two. Notice I saved the calendar to my iCloud account here too.

Subscribing to the NCAA March Madness Calendar via your iPhone
Subscribing to the NCAA March Madness Calendar via your iPhone

Here’s the calendar on the iPhone. To get it, tap the link and when asked about subscribing to the calendar “March Madness,” click “Subscribe.”

March Madness calendar on iPhone
March Madness calendar in the iPhone’s Calendar app

Here’s a version that works with Google Calendar

Just right-click this link and copy it, go to Google Calendar (that is, use a web browser to go to, and click the “+” to add a calendar. Choose the option to “Add from URL.” Paste in what you copied and you’re done. Once added via a web browser you should see the calendar (in a few minutes) as an option in your Google Calendar. In the Google Calendar iPhone app, go to Settings (the three horizontal lines at top left), then “Show more” (below “Events” and “Reminders”). Check the box for March Madness and you’re all set.)

March Madness calendar in Google Calendar.
March Madness calendar in Google Calendar

(The calendar can easily be turned off by unchecking it in the Calendar app on the iPhone, Mac, and iPad. Same thing in Google Calendar.)

The official March Madness app (for iPhone and iPad) has a lot of great features (best one: you can watch the games on your iPhone) but it doesn’t integrate with the Calendar app on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad. That’s where my calendar comes in: it shows up in the Calendar app. I couldn’t find such a calendar online so I made it myself. If you like it, tell a friend. to the best of my knowledge, this is the only calendar of its kind available on the web. Shocking but true.

I make a similar calendar for the College Football Bowl Games every year. Subscribe to that one and get the schedules, year after year. I do listen to feedback so please let me know (via the comments) if you have a suggestion or correction. I’d really appreciate it.

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22 thoughts on “NCAA March Madness Calendar for iPhone, Mac, and iPad

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  1. Great work on the 2021 March Madness ICS calendar. Love how all games are in a heads-up view on my phone calendar.

  2. I keep getting an error saying that it is an invalid URL when trying to add it to my Google Calendar. I also tried to Subscribe using the link on my iPhone and I get an error saying “Validation failed. Please edit the URL and try again.”

  3. Hey Christian! This is awesome and exactly what I’ve been looking for! It seems that there is an issue with the ical link provided. The error reads: “There was an error subscribing to the calendar. There was an unexpected error with the request on subscribed calendars (error -1).”

    1. Interesting. iCal calendars on iCloud can be an issue.

      If you’re using a Mac or iPhone and the Apple Calendar app, use this link:


      Here’s the google calendar link– use this one if you’re adding it to Google Calendar.

  4. I’ve tried subscribing to the March Madness calendar on both my iPhone and iPad, but I just get a validation failed message on both and was asked to edit the URL and try again.

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