NBA Playoffs Calendar for iPhone and Mac

Updated September 29th, 2020.

Here’s the 2020 NBA Playoffs Calendar for iPhone and Mac, hand-made* by me. It’s updated with the scores each time a game is played, and it’s updated as the schedule is announced. The events show up in your regular Calendar app so you don’t have to go to a website for the schedule and then waste time switching back and forth with your regular calendar. Have it all in one place. Fast and easy.

Did I mention that the game times adjust automatically, depending on your time zone? They do. Did I mention that the TV channels are included? Of course the TV channels are included. (They’re in each game’s description– double-click a game to see the TV info on your Mac, or tap a game to see it on your iPhone).

Click to subscribe to the NBA Playoffs Calendar.

On the Mac, it looks like this in Month View (click to see the larger version):

Mac screenshot showing NBA Playoffs calendar, month view
NBA Playoffs Calendar for iPhone and Mac, on a Mac (Month View)

In Week View, it looks like this (click to see the larger version):

Mac screenshot showing NBA Playoffs calendar, week view
NBA Playoffs Calendar for iPhone and Mac, on a Mac (Week View)

On an iPhone, it looks like this:

iPhone screenshot showing NBA Playoffs Calendar
NBA Playoffs Calendar for iPhone and Mac, on an iPhone (List View)

The little basketballs in front of each event help you quickly spot the NBA Playoff games, even in a busy calendar. Here’s how it looks with some of my other calendars turned on:

NBA Playoffs Calendar on an iPhone, showing leading basketball emojis for quick visual identification.
Very easy to pick out the NBA Playoff games even with events from other calendars showing

In case you wondered, I also maintain the March Madness Calendar for iPhone and Macall games, updated as the games are played– and the College Football Bowl Games Calendar for iPhone and Mac. If you’re looking for NFL Calendars for iPhone and Mac (for any team, or for just the prime time games, or for just the post-season), I have an article about that too.

NOTE: I kept thinking I’d find a calendar like this online somewhere–,,– but I never did! I finally gave up and made it myself.

Going forward, if you subscribe to the calendar, you’ll see the games appear as if by magic, and if I get some good feedback (HINT: share this on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else) I will do it again next year! And, when I do, YOU won’t have to do anything. You’ll just see the games miraculously appear in your Calendar app again next April (or whenever the playoffs start). It’s a lot of work for me so do me a favor and give me that sharing feedback. THANK YOU!

How to subscribe on your Mac

On your Mac, if you click the link for the NBA Playoffs Calendar for iPhone and Mac you will get a box like this:

After clicking the link, the Mac asks whether you want to allow the link to open the Calendar. Click "Allow."
Yes, you want to “Allow” the link to open Calendar

Clicking “Allow” leads to this box:

Dialog box shown after clicking the link for the NBA Playoffs Calendar
After clicking the link for the NBA Playoffs Calendar for iPhone and Mac

Clicking the “Subscribe” button leads to this dialog box:

Dialog box for adding NBA Playoffs calendar to Mac Calendar app.
Adding the NBA Playoffs Calendar for iPhone and Mac to your Mac

You can pick the color for the events, you can choose to remove alerts and attachments, and you can set the auto-refresh frequency. I would set it to “Every day” as shown. And that’s all there is to it.

TIP: you can change these options at any time by Control-clicking on the name of the calendar (NBA Playoffs) in the list of calendars at the left of your Mac’s Calendar app’s window. Choose “Get Info” from the menu that appears.

TIP #2: you can unsubscribe at any time (also by Control-clicking). Choose “Unsubscribe” if you want.

BONUS TIP: if you subscribe to the NBA Playoffs Calendar for iPhone and Mac on your Mac, and you choose “iCloud” in the Location option, you will find the calendar shows up on your iPhone automatically. Nothing more to do! It does not work the other way around– that is, if you start on the Mac, it carries over to your iPhone, but if you start on your iPhone, it does NOT carry over to the Mac. This is Apple’s bug.

How to subscribe on your iPhone

On your iPhone, if you tap the link for the NBA Playoffs Calendar for iPhone and Mac, you’ll see a little box asking you whether you want to subscribe to the calendar “NBA Playoffs.” Of course you do.

Message on iPhone after tapping the Subscribe link
After tapping the NBA Playoffs for iPhone and Mac link
Message on iPhone after subscribing on your iPhone.
That’s all there is to it!

If you change your mind, you can go to Settings, Passwords & Accounts, then scroll way down to “Subscribed Calendars.” Tap on that, then on the NBA Playoffs calendar, and then Delete Account. Can’t see why you’d do that but you can if you want.

NOTE: you are ADDING A CALENDAR to your list of calendars, not adding events to your existing calendars. The added calendar will be called “NBA Playoffs.” You can uncheck the box next to the NBA Calendar in your list of calendars (on your Mac) or uncheck the check mark next to the NBA Playoff calendar (on your iOS device) to hide those events.

One More Thing: you can add these calendars to your Google Calendar but they take forever to update. If you need instructions, follow the ones in the blue box in my March Madness calendars article.

*Technically I did not make the calendar purely by hand. That would be crazy. Instead, I scavenged the web for the information I needed, then put that info into a Numbers table, one table per series. I set up the tables with columns for home team, away team, game time, game date, TV channel, arena, score, and game number, one row per game. I wrote an AppleScript to create Calendar events based on the text in those Numbers tables, making good use of Shane Stanley’s CalendarLib script library (because using AppleScript with Calendar’s built-in AppleScript dictionary is slow, and also because I needed practice with CalendarLib).

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