2024 NFL Prime time Schedule for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad Calendars

Updated July 2nd, 2024.

The 2024 NFL schedule is out, and it’s super-helpful to know who’s playing and when, so you can make plans. It’s even more useful to have that information displayed within the Calendar apps on your iPhone and iPad and Mac so you don’t have to cross-reference some website with the rest of your work and social life, which most likely is stored in your Calendar app.

For me, it’s especially nice to have the prime time NFL games on my calendar. Those are the ones I want to watch. You’d think you could go to NFL.com and download a prime time schedule, but you’d be wrong– it’s not there!

So I made my own, partly by hand, partly by AppleScript, and here it is. Thursday Night, Sunday Night, and Monday Night– all of those games are here.

Update 5-15-2024: I have the 2024 Prime Time games in the calendar already. Our process is getting better (and faster) every year.

(Yes the screenshots are from last year but I will catch up on those sometime soon. The important thing is the calendar is updated!)

Note: when playoffs come around I will add those games to the calendar. Also, I have a few extra, non-prime-time games on the schedule: the two early Thanksgiving Day games, and the two early Christmas Day games.

Want the NHL Playoffs Calendar? Here it is. Want the NBA Playoffs Calendar? I have that too.

Adding the 2024 NFL Prime Time schedule to your Mac’s Calendar app

If you’re using a Mac, you can get the 2024 NFL Prime-Time schedule in a couple of clicks by clicking here.

You’ll get a box like this (you may also see something about “Do you want to allow this page to open ‘Calendar'” which you should say “yes” to):

Adding the NFL Prime-Time calendar.
Just click “Subscribe”

Don’t change anything. Just click Subscribe, and you’ll see a box like this:

Adding the NFL Prime Time games to a Mac's calendar.
You can make some changes in this box…

You will probably want to make some changes here. You can change the name of the calendar, the color of the calendar (I chose green). You can change the Location of the calendar (if I were you I’d change “On My Mac” to your iCloud account because then it will show up on your iPhone and iPad too). You can remove the alerts and attachments (I would do that), and I would tell it to auto-refresh every day, in case the schedule changes as it often does with late-season Sunday Night games.

Adding the NFL Prime Time games to a Mac's calendar (changed options)
Changed options

Here’s how it looks in your Mac’s Calendar app.

The NFL Prime Time Calendar, on the Mac
The NFL Prime Time Calendar, on the Mac

If you start with the Mac, and you set the Location to your iCloud account, and if your iPhone and iPad are signed into the same iCloud account as your Mac, you will see the calendar on your iPhone and iPad automatically. It looks like so:

NFL Prime Time calendar on an iPhone
NFL Prime Time calendar on an iPhone

Whether on the Mac or on the iPhone, the games all start with a little football icon to help you pick them out of a busy schedule.

Of course you can tap the link for the 2024 NFL Prime Time Calendar using your iPhone, and add it to your iPhone’s calendar in just a few clicks. However, if you add the calendar to the iPhone first (before the Mac), it will NOT give you the option to save it to your iCloud account, and therefore it will not show up on your Mac. You’ll have to add it to your Mac yourself. My advice: add the calendar to your Mac first so you only have to do the work once.

Adding the NFL Prime Time Schedule to your Google Calendar

Not an iPhone user? Or, not an Apple Calendar app user? Here’s how you add the NFL Prime Time schedule to your Google Calendar, using a browser.

This is easy: click the special Google Calendar link to subscribe.

This SHOULD take you to your own Google calendar, in your browser, and you should be asked whether you want to add the NFL Primetime calendar. Of course you’ll click the “Add” button.

Adding the NFL Primetime calendar to Google Calendar
Adding the NFL Primetime calendar to Google Calendar

When you’re done it should look like this:

Google calendar showing NFL Primetime games (month view)
Check out those games!

In the Schedule view you can see a lot more:

Google calendar showing NFL Primetime games (Schedule view)
Google calendar, Schedule View

Final thoughts

In case you’re wondering: YES, the calendar will show the game times using your time zone. That is, a game that starts at 8:20 PM Eastern will show up as 8:20 PM Eastern if you are currently in the Eastern Time zone, as 7:20 PM if you’re in the Central Time zone, as 6:20 PM if you’re in the Mountain Time zone, and as 5:20 PM if you’re in the Pacific Time zone. (It works for all the time zones, not just the ones in the United States.) And YES, if there’s an adjustment to the schedule I will update it here and you’ll see the update soon enough on your own devices. Also YES, if you subscribe to this calendar and do literally nothing after that you will see NEXT YEAR’S NFL PRIME TIME SCHEDULE magically appear, sometime next May.

To the best of my knowledge this is the only NFL Prime Time schedule of its kind, so please share the calendar (and this post) with your friends. And can you believe it: this is our 16th season. I first made the calendar in 2008.

Copyright 2008-2024 Christian Boyce. All rights reserved.

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101 thoughts on “2024 NFL Prime time Schedule for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad Calendars

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  1. Christian,

    Thanks a bunch for this! I was able to set it up on my Mac with no issues. The google calendar settings don’t give me a public ical address for the iphone though. I only see the first two links. Is this something they changed?

  2. Thanks for this. However, there is no “Public address in iCal format” option for the NFL calendar when I do this (there are iCal private/public links for my personal Google calendar, just not the added calendars). I’m so close to making this work . . .

  3. Hi Christian, I am trying to add the NFL Post Season to my iPhone and iPad. In the Integrate calendar page, there is no URL for an iCal calendar.

    Did Google change something? Is there a workaround?


    1. The change comes from the creator of the calendar, southendzone.com. He is only allowing connections from Google calendar. We can work around it:

      Subscribe to the football calendar via Google (in a browser). Then, go to this page:


      There, you can indicate that you want to show the football calendar in your Google section of Apple’s Calendar. Turn it on in Calendar on your iPhone or Mac and I think it will automatically show up on your other devices.

      It works for me and others so it should work for you too!

  4. I misunderstood your question when you asked it, but I can tell you that YES Google changed something. There’s no more “URL for iCal” like there used to be. I had to change my entire article! Thanks Google.

  5. WoW! So cool 🙂 Downloaded the entire NFL schedule – Sweet …Uhhh I did find (example) New Orleans at Oakland … Uhhhh My Raiders are Las Vegas now, not Oakland … Nice Job – Thanks again!

  6. Thank you for this. I’m trying to find some way to get the calendars showing on my iPhone and iPad onto my PC (icloud.com/calendar/ – I’m using iCloud for PC) but so far I can only get the stock calendars showing. Home/Calendar/Work.

    1. Hi Reid. If I’m understanding correctly, you are looking at your iCloud calendars by going to a web page (iCloud.com) on your PC. And you don’t see the calendars you added to your iPhone and iPad. Have I understood the situation? If so, bad news: the calendar at iCloud.com does not show subscribed calendars.

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUU! While ESPN calendars DO work – they only let you add schedules by team – for fantasy nerds like me, having the FULL SCHEDULE integrated in my iPhone calendar is essential so THANK YOU. AGAIN! I would share it on facebook but I stopped using that portal to hell years back.

  8. Thanks for your help with this over the years but it Looks like South end zone shut down for good. Any thoughts on alternatives?

  9. Yes that will be the default but I loved the SEZ prime time schedules. Let us know if you ever see that anywhere else

    1. I sure will. The original Prime Time schedules were actually created by me: I used AppleScript to work through SEZ’s full NFL schedule, and pulled off the ones that started after 4 pm Pacific Time. Scott at SEZ added that calendar a few years later and got me off the hook for doing that work… but now, if I can find a full schedule, I might just do it again. We have a few months to get this arranged… if you happen to find a full schedule but not the Prime Time one let me know and I’ll see about pulling out just the prime time ones. The only problem with that is it’s not “live” so if a team gets flexed into a Sunday Night game I’ll have to manually adjust. Which I can do.

  10. REALLY hope you pick up this work. I was a HUGE fan of SEZ calendars. They’re already missed as it would even include big offseason dates.

  11. Same here, found out about those NFL prime time schedules and really loved those and those were the most useful ones to me. Would be thrilled if these were picked up by this site!

    1. if I can get the schedule in a way that is fairly neat and clean I will at the least get the prime-time schedule out. I want that prime-time calendar, same as you! So I’ll probably do it. I think the schedule comes out next month. I’ll be watching for it.

  12. Wow you did it! This is fantastic… just added it to google calendar (which I have setup to sync to Fantastical on iPhone/Mac etc) and it works perfectly! Don’t want to be overly dramatic but I’m so darn happy to see these, just makes life so much easier when you’re busy but still want to drop in and watch a prime time game whenever possible. I also like that you included the network the game is on so there is no need to search for that. Seriously thank you!

    As an aside, I first found this site when looking for the sports calendars but I’ve since found quite a few useful articles that have been pretty helpful.

    1. Messages like yours make my day! Glad you found what you needed. I built that calendar originally because I couldn’t find it anywhere else. I had a feeling someone else would like it! Please share the article with whomever– Facebook, Twitter, anywhere.

  13. You’re still linking to ‘thesouthendzone’ as of May, but they are no longer ‘LIVE’.
    Any alternatives you might be able to provide ??

    1. Read a little further! I made my own calendar. The link is in the article. I kept Scott’s southendzone.net link in there just for old time’s sake. Use my calendar now (Prime-Time only). If you’re still stuck I’ll send you the link directly. Are you bringing the calendar into an iPhone and using the built-in Apple Calendar app, or are you using Google’s calendar? I can help you either way.

  14. Looking forward to getting the full 2021 NFL schedule. I was subscribed to SEZ for many years and miss the full schedule!

    1. I think the best option is the ESPN calendars, although they don’t have the full NFL calendar in one calendar. They have one calendar per team so you can pick and choose– or choose them all. SEZ was awesome, I agree!

  15. Hello Christian I am trying to add the 2021 NFL schedule but gives me an error: There was an unexpected error with the request on subscribed calendars (error -1).

    1. This sounds like the same problem we began to see with the NBA Playoffs calendar. It seems to be an iCloud issue. I will solve it the same way, which is to say I’ll make a copy of the calendar and put it on Google Calendar. You’ll be able to add it just fine. Give me a day or two to get this fixed. Thanks for pointing out the problem and sorry for the inconvenience.

  16. Hi Christian….. thanks for doing this. I also miss Scott’s work. For the Google link, webcal should be replaced with https – at least that what I had to do to get it to work. Do you have the full schedule, not just Prime Time.

    1. Thanks for this. Are you adding the calendar to Google Calendar so you can see it in a browser? Or in an app? I don’t have the full schedule but I think you can get it at ESPN.com if you poke around–

  17. This is awesome, so glad you are continuing with this. I have your prime time schedule synced via Google Calendar and It’s up and working great for me.. thank you!

  18. Hello! What if I just wanted to add a single team’s calendar to my iOS Calendar and not the NFL PrimeTime calendar. I have been able to do this for an NHL team I follow from the NHL site. Does the NFL do the same type of thing?

  19. Thank you for doing this. Wish I had found it sooner. Scott did a great job for so long. Would love to see this continue in the future. It should be supported.

    1. I plan on keeping it going. I originally made it for myself, then realized that others would benefit, so I shared it and wrote the blog post. I am sure that I’ll be doing it next year, and the next, etc.– at least until it’s available from someone else (like the NFL itself).

      Glad you like it.

  20. This is awesome! Thank you. Is there a calendar for the Sunday daytime broadcast games that you can recommend?

    1. Hi Fangirl! Glad you like the calendar. ESPN has calendars at this page: https://espn.calreplyapp.com/nfl, but those are “per team” and not necessarily the games that are on TV. Still, possibly interesting. I see that the NFL has the full schedule, week by week, showing networks, but with multiple games going at the same time there’s no telling which one you’d see at your location. However, if there was enough interest, I could build that calendar. Here’s an example page:


  21. Thank you! This made adding NFL events to our restaurant events so easy. However, do you have a calendar for games on that start at 1PM EST or earlier than 4:00PM PST (Sunday afternoon games)?

  22. Hello Christian,
    I just wanted to leave a big THANK YOU for your continuous work to bring us the NFL schedule reliably on our devices. I have been using your calendar for years now and I am very happy with it.

    Best regards from Germany!

  23. Hi Christian, just wanted to say that I really appreciate that you’re doing this for the upcoming 2023 season. Your calendars are fantastic and adding the Thanksgiving Day games, and the two early Christmas Day games etc, are a really nice touch!

  24. Hi, did you also make these Mac calendars for the individual NFL teams? I’m looking for the Steelers. I prefer your calendars because they include the network as part of the title. Please let me know. Thank you so much!

  25. You’ve done great work, clearly. Is there a way to just get all the games in one calendar? I can do the individual ones from NFL but that results in a bunch of duplicates.

  26. My games are listed on my Gmail calendar as starting one hour earlier than they actually are. Any way to fix?

    1. The calendar respects your time zone settings of it depends on your time zone settings. In Google Calendar (on a PC or a Mac) click the gear to get to the settings and see which time zone your calendar thinks you are in.

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