2022 College Football schedules for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad calendars

Updated November 1st, 2022.

Note: screenshots are from the 2021 version of this article but all of the links still work for 2022.

These instructions are aimed at people using Apple’s Calendar apps on Macs, iPhones, and iPads but they’ll help you with Google Calendar, Outlook.com, and Office 365 calendars as well.

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ESPN.com provides schedules for the 2022 college football season and you can add any or all of them to your Mac, iPhone, and iPad calendars. (You can also add these schedules to your PC and Android phone, if that’s the way you want it.) ESPN does not make the schedules easy to find, but I found them and this article will not only show you where the calendars are but will also show you how to add them to your device.

Note: if all you want is a website with all of the college football games, and times, and TV channels, use this link. Very handy to have the TV stations listed. And the times are shown in your local time zone! Thanks, ESPN.

ESPN College Football Schedule website
ESPN’s college football schedule page

Assuming you want to add the schedules for your favorite teams into your Mac and iPhone calendars, you’ll want to read the rest of this article. You’ve come to the right place!

One more thing: we’re going to be subscribing to calendars, not just importing them. This is definitely the way to go as subscriptions are “live” and get updated. So, you’ll know who won games, and what the score was; you’ll also know whether a game’s time has been changed, and which network the game’s on. Subscribing is good. And, next year you won’t have to do this because you’ll already be subscribed.

How to add college football schedules to your Mac’s calendar

Step 1: Go to ESPN’s college football calendar page. (The link knows whether you’re using a computer or a phone).

ESPN College Football Calendars page
ESPN’s college football calendar tiles as seen on a Mac

If you scroll a little you’ll see a second set of tiles with the same conferences (in a different order) but with different icons. It looks like this:

ESPN College Football Calendars page, Shield icons
ESPN’s college football calendar tiles, second version, as seen on a Mac

I don’t know why there are two versions but I can tell you what you get with each. With the first version (the plain calendar icons) you get the chance to add these calendars to your iCloud account, which means you can add the calendar on your Mac and see it on your iPhone and iPad without doing any additional work. (You have to start on the Mac– if you start on the iPhone, you can’t add the calendar to your iCloud account.) If you use the second version of the calendars (the ones with the black shield icons) you have to add the calendar to each device individually, which doubles or triples the work. But… if you use the shield icon calendars, you get TV channel info. I think it’s worth the extra trouble of adding the calendar on each device, so I say use the shield icon versions.

Step 2: Find the Conference you’re interested in and tap it. (Starting in a Conference narrows things down so you can find your team faster. However, you could start with “FCS (1-AA)” or “FBS” or “FCS Independent” if you wanted to). I tapped the shield icon for the “Pac-12” and got this:

Adding a PAC 12 team's calendar to a Mac
ESPN’s Pac-12 college football schedule page

Step 3: Tap the red button that says “Add to Calendar.” You may be thinking that this will add the entire conference’s schedule, but it won’t. You’ll choose a single team in the next step.

Choosing a team
Choosing a team

Step 4: Scroll until you find the name of your team, then tap on it. Scroll all the way to the bottom so you can see the “NEXT” button, and then tap it. You’re almost there– keep going.

Choose a team, then tap Next
Choose your team and tap NEXT

Step 5: Enter your zip code and tap the Search button. You do this so they can figure out who your TV provider might be, so they can figure out which channel your game will be on. Then choose your TV provider.

Adding your ZIP code
Adding your ZIP code
Choosing a TV provider
Choosing your TV provider

Special instructions if you got this far and want the calendar on your iPhone only

If your goal is to get this calendar onto your iPhone, and you don’t care about having it on your Mac, enter your phone number where is says to do it and then click the big red “Send” button.

Otherwise, skip to Step 6.

You’ll get a text message with a link, and when you click the link you’ll add the calendar to your iPhone’s calendar.

Text message with link to the calendar.
Text message with link to the calendar you’re about to add

Tap the link, leading to this screen…

Click "Apple" to have the calendar added to your iPhone's Calendar app
Click “Apple” to have the calendar added to your iPhone’s Calendar app

You’ll be asked whether you want to subscribe (the answer is “Subscribe”). Note that the name of the calendar won’t be what you’d expect: it’s going to be the name of whichever button you clicked on in Step 1. You can rename it later.

Subscribing to a calendar
You want to “Subscribe” so click OK, and then Done.

Tip: if the events don’t show up for you instantly, go to your Calendar app, tap “Calendars” at the bottom of the screen, and then do the “pull down” move (put your finger anywhere but the very top and pull down and let go, forcing the update). This is the same move you make in the Mail app’s List View to make Mail go out and refresh the list of Mail messages.

When you do the pull down move in Calendar, you’ll see a spinner at the top.

Refreshing the calendars
Refreshing the calendars

When the spinner stops, everything’s up to date.

This is a great time to customize the look of the calendar. Tap the red-circled “i” and change the name of the calendar to anything you want, and also the color.

Changing the name of a calendar, and its color, on an iPhone
Changing the name of a calendar, and its color

Tap “Done” at top right to go back to viewing your list of calendars, and then “Done” again to start using them. Hopefully, you’ll see something like this:

Viewing the calendar you just added.
Here’s how it should look! You’ll see a message in the calendar saying “You have successfully subscribed…” and you’ll see your events below that.

Assuming you still want to put this onto your Mac, continue.

Step 6: Tap the Apple logo.

Choose the Apple logo.
Select a calendar– choose the Apple logo (but it’s nice to know you can send it to Google Calendar and Outlook.com and Office 365 also)

Step 7: You’ll be asked whether you’ll allow this ESPN page to open your Calendar app. Tap “Allow.”

Allow to open in Calendar App
Yes, let the page open the Calendar app.

You’ll see a message saying the subscription was successful, and that’s true, but you’re not done yet. You still need to do a few things to add it to your calendar.

Confirmation message after subscribing to an ESPN calendar.
Subscription successful! But you’re not done yet.

Step 8: Your Calendar app will appear and you’ll get a box with a URL in it– don’t change anything, just click the Subscribe button. When you do, you’ll get a bigger box. You can change things in there (the refresh frequency should probably be one day, not one week). The name could be improved– by default, it’s the name of the conference (or whichever button you clicked to begin with in Step 1). You can change the color too, using the menu to the right of the calendar’s name. Make it match your school’s colors! Then click the OK button.

Subscribing to a calendar on the Mac, in the Calendar app
Subscribing to a calendar
Subscribing to a calendar on the Mac, in the Calendar app
You could click the OK button now, but make some changes here.

Change the name of the calendar, the color (school colors are good choices), maybe update it more frequently. I like a little mortarboard in front to show it’s a college calendar but you could use a football emoji or whatever works for you.

After changing the name of the calendar, the color, and the refresh frequency.
Change anything other than the address in the “Subscribed to:” box.

Of course the “Location” should be your iCloud address if you want the calendar to show on your iPhone and iPad automatically.

You’re done! You’ll see your team’s schedule in the Calendar app, with an event that says “You’ve successfully subscribed.” Here’s how it looks in Week view, and then how it looks in Month view.

Successfully subscribed (Week View).
Successfully subscribed (Week View).
Subscribed (Month View)
Subscribed (Month View)

And that’s all there is to it. If you’re showing the list of calendars (at the left) you can toggle this new calendar on and off by checking and unchecking the box next to its name. You can control-click on the calendar’s name in the calendar list to change its name and its color. You can also unsubscribe that way.

How to add college football calendars to your iPhone

If you’re working on a Mac, the steps above were all you need. But if you’re starting with an iPhone, and you want to add a calendar, you do things slightly differently.

Step 1: Using your iPhone, go to ESPN’s college football calendar page. (The link knows whether you’re using a computer or a phone.) You’ll see this screen, with a button for each football conference (plus one for all FBS 1-A teams, plus one for FCS (1-AA), plus one for FCS independents).

Note: the search box at the top isn’t going to work for you. Don’t bother.

ESPN's College Football Calendars page, on an iPhone
ESPN’s College Football Calendars page

Step 2: Tap the button for the conference that your team is in. You’ll see something like this (I picked the Big 12):

ESPN's Big 12 football conference calendar page on an iPhone
ESPN’s Big 12 football conference calendar page

Step 3: Tap the button that says “Add to Calendar.” I know what you’re thinking: you don’t want to add an entire conference’s schedule to your iPhone. Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen. Just tap the “Add to Calendar” button. You’ll be rewarded with the following screen:

ESPN's Big 12 team calendars page on an iPhone
ESPN’s Big 12 team calendars page

Step 4: Choose a team, then tap NEXT. You may have to scroll down to find the NEXT button.

Step 5: Tap the Apple logo to begin adding the calendar to your iPhone’s Calendar app. You’ll get a notification asking you whether it’s OK to open the link (the Apple button is a link) in the Calendar app. The answer is YES, so tap the “Open” button.

Tap the Apple logo to add this calendar to your iPhone's built-in Apple Calendar app
Tap the Apple logo to add this calendar to your iPhone’s built-in Apple Calendar app

Step 6: Finally, you’ll be asked whether you really and truly want to subscribe to the calendar you chose. Of course the answer is YES, so tap the Subscribe button. You’ll get a confirmation.

Subscribing to the calendar on an iPhone
Subscribing to the calendar
Success! You've added a calendar to your iPhone.
Success! You’ve added a calendar to your iPhone.

Step 7: Tap the View Events button in that notification. You’ll see something like this:

Viewing the calendar's events
Viewing the calendar’s events

You’re done! Repeat for as many calendars as you wish.

If you tap one of the events you will see additional info– TV station, links to tickets, links to shopping for fan gear, etc. If all you want to do is temporarily turn off the calendar, just tap the “Calendars” button at the bottom center in the Calendar app, then uncheck the box next to the calendar in question. If you want to unsubscribe, you have to go to Settings, Passwords & Accounts, Subscribed Calendars, and unsubscribe there. Sort of a pain but that’s how it works. On the Mac it’s easier: control-click the calendar name in the list of calendars at the left, and choose Unsubscribe.

If the NFL is more your thing, I have an article for you too! Check out 2022 NFL Prime Time Schedule for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad Calendars.

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  2. Is it possible to subscribe to an entire conference instead of subscribing to each individual team one at a time?


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