How to know when it’s going to rain

UPDATE March 2020: Apple likes the people so much they bought the company. UPDATE: has changed. It's still great, but it's now called Read my new article about, written in October 2016. When it comes to rain, most of us have questions like these: "Do I have time to walk the... Continue Reading →

Get Faster Internet Just by Asking

I get my internet service through Time Warner Cable. I think the speed originally was 5 Mbps. Somewhere along the line I upgraded to Time Warner's "Turbo" internet and got it up to 20 Mbps. I thought that was pretty fast. (I test the speed at Avoid clicking the links that install MacKeeper.)A few... Continue Reading →

NFL Prime Time iCal Calendar for 2010

Note: this is a repeat of a blog entry from last year, with updated data for 2010. Preseason games are not included. I wanted an iCal calendar of the prime-time NFL games (Monday Night Football, the Sunday night game, the occasional Thursday night game) but I couldn't find one online. I did find the entire... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Shopping Site

(Note: last week one of my customers-- Tom Nevermann,AKA "The Moving Doctor"-- asked me to help him find a good deal on USB-powered speakers for his Mac. I took him to and set up an email alert for him, and now every time a good deal on USB-powered speakers comes along, Tom gets notified... Continue Reading →

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