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Here is the code (extra space around the bracket to keep it from working):

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The question for me is, why does this produce the result, with the post title in the link? It seems that something else is kicking in. But why? I notice that when I change the “excerpt_length” I do not see a change in the what is produced.

Here is what it produces:

iOS 12 iOS 12: First Impressions, and advice - Apple released iOS 12 September 17th, 2018 and I installed it right away on an iPhone 8 Plus and an iPad Pro. Installation went smoothly and there was a noticeable speed improvement on each device: apps launch faster, and the camera is ready to take a picture almost immediately. iOS 12 will work on any iPhone that can run iOS 11. If you were waiting for iOS 11 to finally be ready for prime-time, forget it-- instead, move to 12. iOS 12 is not perfect; in a few days of medium use, the back button Continue Reading
Synching iPhone Messages with Mac How to sync text messages between your iPhone and your Mac - It's really handy to have your iPhone's text messages show up on your Mac (and/or iPad). Start a texting conversation on your iPhone when you're out, then continue it at home or work when you're able to use your Mac (or iPad). Each device will have the complete conversation, and the other party will not know that you aren't doing it all on your iPhone. Setting it up takes a couple of steps, and occasionally things stop working. In that case you'll need to check on the settings again. This article tells you everything you Continue Reading
Apple Special Event September 12th, 2018 How to watch Apple’s September 12th 2018 Special Event - UPDATE: the announcement is over. You can click here and watch a recording of the entire event. It's time for another one of Apple's announcement events. This one begins at 10 am PST on Wednesday September 12th, 2018. Use this link to add the event to your calendar. How to watch: On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using this link (iOS 10 or higher) On your Mac using this link (macOS 10.12.6 or higher, using Safari) On your Apple TV (2nd generation or higher, latest updates, using the Apple Events app) These shows usually Continue Reading
NFL Schedules and Calendars for the 2018 Season - The NFL schedule is out, and it’s super-helpful to know when the games come on, and who’s playing in them, so you can make plans. You'd think you could get NFL calendars onto your iPhone and iPad and Mac by visiting, but they don't have downloadable or subscribe-able calendars there, so don't bother looking. Instead, go to the South End Zone website, where you'll find calendars for every team, and for the post-season, and for prime-time, and more. The beautiful thing about the South End Zone's calendars is you can subscribe to them ONCE Continue Reading
myCardLists icon How to Print Mailing Labels from an iPhone or iPad - This blog post is about printing labels from an iPhone or iPad using an app called CardLists. I have another article about how to print just about anything from an iPhone or iPad. Take your pick! UPDATE: there's a new label-making app that you ought to try. It's called "Label Printer." How's THAT for being straight to the point? CardLists is still great but having choices is great too. Click here to get Label Printer from the App Store. It's time to mail your holiday cards. You may recall from previous posts (this one from Continue Reading
College Football on December Calendar page 2017-2018 College Football Bowl Games Calendar for iPhone, iPad, and Mac - -- 2017-2018 College Football Bowl Games Calendar for iPhone, iPad, and Mac -- (If you find an error in this calendar please leave a comment and I will take care of it. Thank you.) UPDATE: I've added the TV stations to the summary of each event. (Thanks for the idea, Cecil!) I've created the 2017-2018 College Football Bowl Game calendar for you and your iPhone and iPad and Mac. Click here to get it. On iPhones and iPads and Macs, if you're asked where to import the calendar, choose "New Calendar." When you're asked whether Continue Reading
iOS 11... not yet! iOS 11: Should you install it? (No, not yet) - UPDATE December 2nd 2017: Apple released iOS version 11.2 today. It fixes yet another auto-correct issue (this one turns "it" into "I.T."), and it also fixes a problem that caused iOS devices to reboot continually if the date was December 2nd, 2017 or later. Yes, it would have been nice to get this update out before December 2nd 2017 arrived. If you have ANY version of iOS 11 on your iPhone, hurry up and update to iOS 11.2. UPDATE November 9th, 2017: Apple released version 11.1.1 to address the weird "type the letter I and Continue Reading
Christian Boyce on the radio - I'll be on the Digital Village radio program Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 discussing Apple's new iPhones. The Digital Village show starts at 7 pm Pacific time; my part of the show starts around 7:30 pm. UPDATE: here's a recording of my part of the radio program. You can listen to the show live by tuning to KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles using something called "a radio." (Kids, ask your parents.) You can stream the live show using this link on your computer or phone. And, if you miss the show, or just want to hear me Continue Reading
Red and blue Apple logo from invitation to September 2017 Apple Event Watch the Apple Special Event Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 - UPDATE (9-12-2017): Apple introduced an updated Apple Watch, an updated Apple TV, and three new iPhones. You can watch the entire presentation using this link. You can watch the special iPhone X video, featuring Chief Design Officer Jony Ive, using this link. UPDATE 2 (9-12-2017): I'll be on the Digital Village radio program talking about the new iPhones on Wednesday September 13th, 2017. Read about how to listen to the show (they do record it). It's that time again-- time for Apple to announce something exciting in one of their big Special Events. This event Continue Reading
Beats Headphones 3 Get Free Beats Wireless Headphones with Apple’s Back to School Promotion - Apple launched their annual "Back to School" promotion this morning, offering free Beats Wireless Headphones with purchase of a qualifying Mac or iPad Pro. You have to purchase between July 12th and September 25th, 2017 and to be eligible you have to be a college student, a parent buying for a college student, or a faculty or staff member at any grade level. If you're an elected or appointed member of a school board, or an elected or appointed officer of a PTA or PTO, you're also eligible. Buy through the Apple Online Store for Continue Reading

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