Should I install the iOS 9.3.2 Update?

-- Should I install the iOS 9.3.2 Update? -- Easy answer: yes, unless you are thinking of updating an iPad Pro 9.7 inch. In that case, don't. The iPad Pro 9.7 inch can, in some cases, become "bricked" (completely unresponsive) when the 9.3.2 update is applied. UPDATE:Apple has recognized the problem and for now the... Continue Reading →

The Daily Tip: Tips and Shortcuts for Mac Mail

If you're a Mac user you're probably using Apple's Mail program for email. Here are some of my favorite Mail tips and shortcuts.1. Command-Shift-MHide the Mailbox list if it's showing, show it if it's hiding. Go from this…… to this…… and back, using Command-Shift-M. Show the Mailbox list when you need it, hide it when... Continue Reading →

The Daily Tip: Google Translate

Do you ever need to translate something into another language? Of course you do. Here's how you do it quickly and effortlessly, using Google Translate. 1. Go to Here's what you'll see:In this case the box on the left is set for English, which is what I'm going to type in. The box on... Continue Reading →

The Daily Tip: iPhone Camera Tips

The iPhone camera isn't perfect but it takes pretty good pictures. Use it right and it'll take even better pictures-- much, much better pictures. Here are the most important things to know.1. You can take a picture by pressing either of the volume buttons. This lets you hold the iPhone more like a "real" camera... Continue Reading →

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