XFL Schedule for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Calendar apps

Updated April 20th, 2020.

I made an iCal-format 2020 XFL Schedule which you can add to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac with just a couple of clicks. Click here to get it. The calendar works with Google calendar also (see below). Includes teams, times, TV station, and stadiums. Updated with scores as the games are played.

The listings for the games have little football icons in front, as shown below, so you can quickly pick out the football stuff from amongst your other appointments.

XFL Calendar on iPhone 8 Plus, in Apple's Calendar app

Here’s how it looks on a Mac, macOS 10.14.6:

XFL Calendar on Mac Calendar app.
XFL Calendar on a Mac, in the Apple Calendar app (month view)

Pretty handy to have the games integrated with your regular Calendar app (in their own calendar/category of course). You don’t have to do anything to get the updates– they’ll come in automatically. See the info below about how to properly subscribe to the calendar.

Assuming the XFL has a second season (I hope!), your subscription to the XFL calendar will automatically update with the 2021 season’s games

How to add the XFL calendar to your Google calendar

Just right-click this link and copy it, go to Google Calendar (that is, use a web browser to go to gmail.com, sign in if necessary, then go to the Calendar section), and click the stack of three dots to the right of “Add calendar.” Choose the option to “Add from URL.” Paste in what you copied and you’re all set.

Adding a calendar to Google Calendar, via URL
XFL Calendar on Google Calendar, week view
XFL Calendar on Google Calendar (week view)

Google can be very, very slow to update iCal-type calendars (which is what the XFL calendar is). It’s been this way for years (read all about it, here, and here). This means you may not see the calendar updating as I modify it to show the scores. The only practical solution for you is to unsubscribe from the calendar and then to re-subscribe to it again. Important: you need to add something new to the URL when you resubscribe or else you will get the older version of the calendar, which Google has cached. Just add “?noCache” to the end of the URL. Google Calendar will see this and pull in the new info, and you will be all set. Contact me if you need help, or read this excellent article by Andrew Martin.

More Info

On iPhones and iPads and Macs, if you’re asked where to import the calendar, choose “New Calendar.” (You probably won’t be asked. When things go right, the calendar is named “XFL” automatically and it’s completely separate from your other calendars.) When you’re asked whether you want to subscribe to the calendar, the answer is YES, you want to subscribe. That way you get updates when I change something. Also, if you subscribe you will get updates next year, and the next year, and so on. Subscribing is free, and you don’t have to give me your email address or anything like that. And of course you can unsubscribe if you want. It would be cool if you shared the calendar on your various social media platforms.

Here’s how it looks if you subscribe using your iPhone. Two steps after you click the link.

Step 1 of subscribing to the XFL calendar on iOS.
Click “Subscribe.”
Step 2 of subscribing to the XFL calendar on iOS.

Here’s how it will look as you click through subscribing on a Mac.

Step 1 in adding the XFL calendar on a Mac.
Step 1, after clicking the link. Click “Subscribe.”
Step 2 in adding the XFL calendar on a Mac.
Step 2. Just click OK.

It would be smart to set up your calendar like this, if you can. For sure turn on the auto-refresh as information is added to the calendar as the information becomes available.

The calendar is called “XFL” and you can simply uncheck it if you don’t want to see it. Subscribe once and you’re all set, for this year and the next and the next etc. I’m not planning on stopping.

Game times should be correct for your current time zone, unless you’ve done something special in your Date and Time preferences.

I’ll update the calendar with the scores of the games as they happen. You can subscribe to the calendar now and just let me update the source as the info becomes available. Your calendar app will always show the latest info. Click the link, remember to tell it to refresh (recommendation: either daily or hourly), and you’ll have the information at your fingertips. Or at least on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Enjoy.

Note: I made this calendar because I couldn’t find one online. Yes, I could find a web page with the games, but no, I couldn’t find a calendar that I could import into my iPhone’s Calendar app. It’s way better to see the games listed right there with your other Calendar appointments than to be flipping back and forth between the Calendar app and a listing on a web page. I couldn’t find what I wanted elsewhere– so I made it myself.

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  1. Thank you for this! I’ve been looking around for an official calendar ics, but never found one. I was just about to enter everything manually myself and then I found this post.

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