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Here’s something that I really like: anti-glare film from Power Support. The film is exactly the right size for whatever it is you want to cover– in my case, my iPhone and my MacBook. The glare on my MacBook screen, especially, was a constant irritation– but not any more! Wow, does this stuff work.

Took me two tries to get the bubbles out on the iPhone’s film but I did the MacBook right the first time. It even feels good to the tapping/sliding finger on the iPhone. I think it’s a little more slippery than the original glass. A bonus.

I wish they had it for the new iMacs but so far, they don’t. Bummer. But that doesn’t make the stuff that they DO have any less good.

You can get Power Support film via* (they changed their name to Tru Protection– same people, same great films).

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