Stuff I Like: Snow Leopard Date options

I’ve been digging around in Snow Leopard, looking for something new, and I found something in the Date & Time preference panel. Finally, after years of waiting, we can display the day, the date, and the time in the menu bar, all at the same time! Until Snow Leopard, you got the day and the time, but not the date (not without clicking on the time). Now you get all three at once.

Here’s what it looks like. No click required!

Maybe you’re good at remembering the date. I’m not. I found myself heading to the menu bar to find out the date several times a day– but not anymore! I will probably save myself hundreds of clicks per month. Not sure what I’ll do with the clicks I’m going to save but it’s nice to think about.

Anyhow, if you’re on Snow Leopard, go to the Date & Time preference pane NOW and check the “Show Date” box as shown in the image below. A click saved is a click earned. Etc.
I know, I know: there are plenty of third-party ways to get the same effect. I think it’s better that it’s built-in, that’s all. So check it out and save yourself some clicks.

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