Quickly Edit Events in iCal

Maybe I should have known this one and maybe everyone else already does. I guess we’ll find out.

When you make an event in iCal it is assigned a “calendar” (category). The one that’s assigned is the one that’s selected in the list at iCal’s left. Often, it’s not the one you want. Here’s how to change it quickly.

This is my list of iCal calendars, and I’ve selected “CB & A.” If I make a new event it will belong to the CB & A calendar
If I want to change it to “cb Personal” it used to take a bit of work:

  1. Double-click the event
  2. Click the Edit button
  3. Choose a Calendar by clicking on the name of the calendar you assigned to begin with and then choosing another
  4. Click the Done button.

That’s too much work. My new method is a whole lot faster and easier. All it takes is a Control-click on the event, in any view (day, week, or month) and a contextual menu appears, with a “Calendar” item in it. Choose a calendar by sliding down to Calendar and then over to the calendar you want. Using this Control-click method you can assign a calendar to an event in one click.

Did you already know that?

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