Mac Option Key tip #05: Rotate the Other Direction

Updated April 20th, 2020.

(Fifth in a series.)

Suppose you took this photo…

Picture that needs to be rotated to the RIGHT
Picture that needs to be rotated to the RIGHT

and now you want to rotate it so the label is readable, right-side up.. If you’re using Preview, the Rotate Button looks like this:

Rotate Left icon from Preview
Rotate Left

Here’s the “Rotate Left” button in Photos.

Rotate Left button in Photos
Rotate Left button in Photos

If you click a “Rotate” button three times the picture will rotate counter-clockwise, in 90 degree steps, to the proper position. Yay. It only takes three clicks. But, if you press the Option key, the Rotate Button changes to rotate the other direction, so you can turn your picture right-side-up in a single “Option-click.”

It doesn’t sound like such a big deal to save two clicks, but all those clicks add up. Ask someone with carpal tunnel syndrome.

This “Option-click” technique works in Preview, Photos, iPhoto, and probably a bunch of others. It is worth experimenting. The nice thing is, the button’s picture changes to show it’s going to rotate things the other way when you hold Option. Like this:

Rotate Right buttons in Preview and Photos
Rotate Right buttons in Preview and Photos

Here’s the rotated photo– and now that it’s rotated, you can see what a great price you can get on beef ribs if you’re willing to go to Texas to get them.

Rotated picture, after three 90 degree turns to the left
Rotated picture, after three 90 degree turns to the left- or one to the right!

And that’s five.

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