Option Key tip #4: Reveal a Contact’s Groups

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— Option Key tip #4: Reveal a Contact’s Groups —

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You probably know that Apple’s Contacts app lets you create “Groups” of people, and you might also know that a given person can be in multiple groups. For example, you might have a Family group, a Soccer Team group, and a Christmas Card group, and your brother might be in all three of them. That’s pretty neat, but unless you have an incredible memory there’s no way you’re going to remember which groups your brother is in. And there’s no indication in the Address Book that a given person is in any group at all, let alone an indication of which one(s).

Unless of course you hold down the Option key. Of course.

In the picture below I’ve found a person’s card, clicked on it in the “Name” column, and then held down the Option key.

Contacts with the Option key held down
Contacts with the Option key held down

That produces the blue highlighting in the Groups column (at the left), letting us know in an instant that Mom is in the “Mass email list” group, the “iPhone Owner” group, among others. Let’s face it, that’s pretty cool. You should try it. It only takes one finger.

Note: this also works in Contacts’ predecessor, “Address Book.” Except the highlighting is yellow. FYI.

Address Book with yellow highlighting (with the Option key)
Address Book with yellow highlighting (with the Option key)
And that’s four.

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