How to Get Amazon Prime Video on your Apple TV

Updated July 21st, 2019.

Six months ago, Tim Cook announced that Amazon Prime Video would appear on the Apple TV by the end of the year. They just made it: last week, the Amazon Prime Video app showed up via a software update on the 3rd generation Apple TVs and it became a downloadable app (search for it) on the 4th generation models. (If you don’t see it on your 3rd generation Apple TV, go to Settings/General/Software Update and update your Apple TV.) This signals the end of the load-amazon-prime-on-your-iPhone-or-Mac-and-airplay-it-to-the-AppleTV end-around.


After you’ve installed it, click on the Amazon Prime Video app and authorize it by entering your Amazon credentials using the Apple TV remote. Actually, it’s easier to authorize it if you use your Mac or iPhone to go to and then enter the 6-digit code that shows on your TV when you first click on Prime Video. Either way, that’s it for set-up. You won’t have to do it again.

Amazon Prime Video gives Amazon Prime members access to a wide variety of TV shows and movies as well as Amazon Original Content, for free (sort of– you paid for it when you bought your Amazon Prime membership). It also gives you access to TV shows and movies that aren’t free, but sometimes Amazon Prime Video is the only place to find the movie you want, and the prices for them aren’t too high.

Of course you can still use the Amazon Prime Video app on your iPhone or iPad, or view Prime Video in a web browser on your Mac, as before. The big news is you no longer have to tie up your iPhone, iPad, or Mac in order to watch Prime video content. Now you just use your Apple TV.

If you have an Apple TV and an Amazon Prime account, check out the Prime Video app. You’ve already paid for the Prime Video collection so you may as well take advantage.

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