2015-2016 College Football Bowl Game Calendar for iPhone and Mac

Updated April 13th, 2020.

UPDATE: I’ve created the 2016-2017 College Football Bowl Game calendar for you. Click here to get it. When asked whether you want to subscribe, click YES.

UPDATE: here is the 2016 College Football schedule, for each team in America.

The nice people at collegefootballcalendar.net have put out a calendar showing every college football bowl game. It has dates, times, teams, and TV channels (and it will update to show the scores). Subscribe to the calendar, set it to refresh daily (so you get the scores), and you’ll be all set. Here’s how you do it.

Use this link to go straight to the right place. When you get there look for a “subscribe to the bowl games” link (upper left).

If you’re using a Mac, when you subscribe to the calendar (as with any calendar) you’ll get a box like so:

Screen Shot 2015 12 07 at 7 33 07 AM

Don’t change anything there— that’s the address of the calendar, and it won’t work if you change it. You can make changes in the next box, the one that shows up after you click “Subscribe.”

Screen Shot 2015 12 07 at 7 33 25 AM

You can change the Name, the color, the refresh frequency (change it to “Every day”), and you can come back and change it again later if you’d like. Hint: where it says “Location” you should choose “iCloud” if you can. That way, when you add the calendar on your Mac, it will show up on your iPhone (and iPad) too.

If instead of using your Mac, you’re subscribing by using your iPhone or iPad, you’ll get this screen:

IMG 1659

Tap “Subscribe” and you’re all set. Note, however, that this will not automatically add the calendar to your Mac. And, it’s harder to get rid of a calendar when you add it this way, so add it from your Mac if you have that option. (Hint: Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars/Subscribed Calendars, tap the calendar, tap Delete Account button).

As always, if you’re stuck, contact me and I’ll help you out. It’s good to know how to subscribe to calendars so learn it now and be able to do it with other calendars later (sports teams schedules, phases of the moon, movie releases, and so on).

BONUS: Our friend Scott Craver at southendzone.com has created the NFL post-season schedule. Whether on an iPhone or a Mac, simply click this link: webcal://www.southendzone.com/ical/postseason.ics. As above, click the “Subscribe” button, then choose a color, a refresh frequency, and save it with your iCloud calendars if possible so it’s available on all of your devices without doing any more work. Hint: set the refresh frequency to 1 day or less so you’ll get the schedule for next week’s games in a timely manner. Those games aren’t set until the first round is finished.

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