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Updated February 21st, 2021.

Note: I am honored to present this special Guest Expert blog post, written by my friend Zach, a Macintosh and iPhone gaming expert.
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Top 3 iPhone Games, published August 14th, 2010
by Zach, age 9

First Place: Ancient War
Point of the game: destroy a totem pole without your own totem pole being destroyed too
Cost: $1.99

Ancient War is great difficulty-wise. It has different levels that start off really easy and become extremely hard. Also, Ancient War has good action, good controls and okay sound effects. I like how every couple of minutes you get to shoot fireballs.

Ancient War

Second Place: Angry Birds
Type of game: Arcade
Point of the game: get your eggs back from the green pigs by launching birds at the pigs using a big slingshot
Cost: 99 cents

Angry Birds is like Ancient War difficulty-wise. It has different levels, some easy and some not. Good controls, pretty good action, and ok sound effects. I like how you shoot your birds from the slingshot and hit something hard.

Angry Birds

Third Place: Eliminate Pro
Type of game: shooting
Point of the game: kill a guy without being killed
Cost: FREE

I like Eliminate Pro because you can play people online. I play it with my friend William online almost every week. It is good for advanced players and beginners. If you play someone good it is hard, but if you play someone not so good it is easy. It has great action, not so good controls because controls fade away a lot when you need them most so you don’t know where every button is, and good sound affects. I like how if you shoot a guy when he is dead he explodes.

Eliminate Pro

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