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Updated July 16th, 2016.

I know, everyone knows how to use Google… but not everyone knows how to use Google IMAGES to search by COLOR. They will if they read this blog entry.

Suppose you go to Google and you search for something. Here, I’ve searched for Yoda. I want pictures, so I’ll click either of the three red-circled “Images” links.

The result of course is a page full of Yoda images.

Of course you can use the options in the left-hand column to choose an image size (use “Medium” or “Large” if you intend to print the image). But… how about those color options? Who would have guessed that you can find images of Yoda that match a color scheme?

Here’s what you get when you click the green square.

Of course, Yoda is green. So you don’t see a major effect here. However, look what you get with blue, and black, and purple. Very interesting, and just what you need to match your bag and shoes!

Of course it works with other searches, not just for Yoda. Here are some examples of color-filtered Texas wildflowers. First, the non-filtered search…

Then red (it shows right there on the screen)…

Then yellow…

Then pink…

Then blue. Neat.

I think it’s rather amazing. I don’t know when they added this feature, but as always, as soon as I noticed I wrote it up here.

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