Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag– from Kensington

I bought this Kensington Contour Roller Bag in January 2006 to carry my laptop (at the time, a PowerBook G4 15 inch), and some CDs, and a bunch of floppy disks(!). It had pockets all over the place, so I also put in some pens, some business cards, some cables, and a bunch of other stuff. It was a fantastic bag and I used it every day in my travels to customer locations. The collapsable handle has been really handy, especially in airports.

Five and a half years later, the stitching on one of the handles is starting to come loose. Turns out that the bag has a limited lifetime warranty, and when I contacted Kensington about it they shipped me a new bag, free of charge, no questions asked. Incredible. The new bag is here now, ready to go into service tomorrow. I was willing to buy another ($99 list) because I felt I’d gotten my money’s worth but wow, they replaced it for free! I could hardly believe it.

I love the bag, but I especially love the customer service. Way to go, Kensington. Papa’s got a brand new bag!

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  1. Yes, good job Kensington. My write-up here was unsolicited– just wanted people to know that there are some pleasant surprises out there. I was lucky to have recorded the information about the purchase (we put purchases into a separate calendar category in iCal) so I could then retrieve the receipt. Would not have been so easy without the receipt.

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