Option Key tip #9: Special Characters

Special characters

— Option Key tip #9: Special Characters —

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Our Option key Tip-a-Palooza continues…

Your documents will look better if you use the right characters. For example, mañana looks better than “manana,” and resumé looks better than “resume.” The Mac’s always been able to generate these characters (not true for PCs), so why not learn how and start using the right characters today. Check out the handy table below.

Character Keystroke(s)
• (bullet) Option-8
¢ Option-4
ñ Option-n, then n
é Option-e, then e
® Option-r
º (degree symbol) Option-0 (that’s a zero)

You may be wondering how you’ll ever remember these things, but take a look at the keyboard and some of them will become fairly obvious. For example, the cent sign (¢) is on the same key as the dollar sign ($). The bullet (•) is on the same key as the asterisk (*), which some people use for bullets (until they read this blog entry).

OK now– that’s 9.

Got 60 seconds? Learn something about the Mac.

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