Option Key tip #2: the Battery Status Menu

Battery Status menu on MacBook Pro showing battery needing service

–Option Key tip #2: the Battery Status Menu —

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If you hold the Option key down before you click on the battery icon you will see “Condition: Normal” (I hope) or “Replace Now” or “Replace Soon.” And, if you actually do choose that “Condition: ” menu item you’ll get a Help screen that gives you some explanation. Pretty neat.

If your battery is in terrible shape it will say “Service Battery” whether you hold the Option key down or not. Like it does on my Mac. Waaaaaaah.

By the way, when an Apple laptop’s battery goes bad it tends to swell. When it swells, it pushes up on the bottom of the trackpad, sometimes causing clicks all by itself. See this article by me for more on that.

BONUS: that “Show Percentage” item in the Battery Status menu is nice to have checked, as long as you have room in your menu bar.

That’s two.

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