My Top Five PAID iPhone Apps

Updated December 9th, 2015.

Christian Boyce’s Top Five PAID iPhone Apps
Here are five iPhone apps that I bought with my own money. I use them all the time. Definitely worth your consideration.

Live Cams, 99 cents. (Note: replaced by Live Cams Pro.) In combination with EvoCam ($30) on your Mac and a cheap webcam, Live Cams lets you see live streaming video on your iPhone. I use it to look out the window when I’m not home. Lots of fun, and useful too.

OmniFocus, $19.99. (Note: replaced by OmniFocus 2.) Combine this one with OmniFocus on your Mac and you will Get Things Done. See my review of OmniFocus for more details. I use OmniFocus all the time– it is one of my “four at the bottom of the screen” applications, along with the Phone, Mail, and Settings apps.

Peterson Field Guide to Backyard Birds, $2.99. Easy-to-use bird identifier, with lots of pictures. You can play each bird’s song– very useful when trying to identify a bird that you can hear but not see. The app has 180 birds in it, is easy to use, and though there are many others I think for $2.99 you can’t go wrong with this one.

LogMeIn, $29.99. I use LogMeIn on the Macs in my office to provide remote support for my customers– it lets me control their Macs remotely, allowing me to give lessons and to troubleshoot around the world without leaving my chair. On those occasions when I do leave my chair, I have LogMeIn on my iPhone, and it lets me control a customer’s Mac from anywhere that I can get cell reception. Yes, it’s a little hard to do. But in a pinch, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

RedLaser, $1.99. What a great world we live in (minus the lousy economy). With Red Laser I can use the camera on my iPhone to scan a bar code on something I’m thinking of buying. Red Laser then tells me how much that thing would cost at an assortment of online retailers, as well as at local brick-and-mortar stores (“local” because the iPhone knows where you are!). Having that information right there on the spot makes it super-useful. You’ll save a lot more than Red Laser’s $1.99 cost, and you’ll probably do it the first time you use it. Especially handy on books, by the way.

Need more info before spending your hard-earned money? Send me a note and I’ll answer your questions.

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