Macworld Expo Report 2.0

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Macworld Expo’s over-– hopefully, just for this year, but possibly forever. Rumors are swirling that Apple will go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next year (which means that I might get to finally attend that show, since it’s always conflicted with Macworld). In fact, some sources say that Apple’s already paid for their booth. We’ll see about that.

Highlights of the show (at least for me):

  • A new iLife package from Apple, with an iPhoto that recognizes faces. You have to see it to believe it.
  • A new iWork package from Apple, improving an already very-nice-to-use alternative to Microsoft Office.
  • A nifty to-do list manager called “Things,” with an accompanying iPhone application.
  • Free samples of a new “smart drink” called BrainToniq*, which I believe is still working for me.
  • Free coffee in Acura’s “coffee lounge,” decorated with their latest line of cars.

Memo to future Macworld Expo exhibitors: free drinks are good.

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