iPhone App of the Day

Here’s a great application from AAA, otherwise known as the American Automobile Association. This little beauty shows where to use your AAA card for discounts— and it’s free.

Here’s what it looks like when it starts up.

iPhone app AAA Discounts opening screen

Here’s a list of AAA discounts near me.

iPhone app AAA discounts sorted by name

Here’s the same information on a map (the green dot is my location, which the iPhone figured out by itself)

iPhone app AAA discounts on map

Here are the categories.

iPhone app AAA discounts categories

HERE is something very cool: a built-in “Call for Roadside Assistance” button.

iPhone app AAA discounts call for roadside assistance

If you enter your membership number into the application you’ll save time when you call.

All in all, considering it’s free, I think you get more than your money’s worth. cboyce says “Check it out.” Click here to download it from the iTunes App Store.

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