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Updated December 19th, 2015.

Macworld/iWorld (formerly “Macworld Expo”) is coming soon to San Francisco’s Moscone Center. I’ve been selected as one of the speakers in the “RapidFire” session on opening night (March 27th, 2014), starting at 5 PM. Each RapidFire speaker (I think there are 15) gets exactly five minutes to impart some pearls of Mac or iPhone wisdom and if it’s anything like last year it’s going to be educational and a lot of fun. If you’re going to be at Macworld/iWorld you owe it to yourself to come to RapidFire.Here is a link to a video of last year’s RapidFire session. If you’re looking for my part it starts at 30:32.

My part of this year’s RapidFire program is called “iOS 7 Tips You Need to Know!” I haven’t finalized my talk yet but here’s something that I think will be included:

How to Access iOS 7’s Control Center Like a Pro

iOS 7 has this terrific feature called “Control Center” that gives you access to all kinds of stuff with a single swipe. Here’s how it looks on my iPhone:


You get it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Look at what you get, all in one panel:

  • Airplane Mode on/off
  • WiFi on/off
  • Bluetooth on/off
  • Do Not Disturb mode on/off
  • Do Not Rotate on/off
  • Brightness control
  • Sound controls, including rewind, play, pause, fast forward, and volume
  • Airdrop (in case you want to share a file with a Mac)
  • Flashlight on/off
  • Clock controls (world clock, alarms, stopwatch, timer)
  • Calculator
  • Camera

That’s a lot of stuff.

The problem is, a lot of the time when you swipe up the Control Center doesn’t appear, and you end up doing something to the app that you’re using, rather than bringing up the Control Center, and after you’ve done this a few times you more or less give up on it.

Naturally there’s a way to do it that works every time, and naturally I am here to tell you what it is.

The Secret: start your upward swipe below the glass! It sounds weird but it works. Try it and see. I wouldn’t start right on top of the Home button if I were you, because you don’t want to accidentally click it. Just put your finger down to one side of the Home button or the other, and swipe up. Voilá! Impress your friend(s).

Speaking of friends, if you’d tell someone about this here blog I will be your friend. Word of mouth, and emailed links, are the best kind of advertising. Try the sharing buttons– easy and fun. And helpful. Thank you.

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