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This is Christian Boyce
Christian Boyce
I grew up in Davis, California, and earned engineering degrees at UCLA and The University of Texas at Austin. I bought my first Mac in 1985 (while at grad school in Texas) and loved it from the start. This was about one year after the Mac was introduced. After grad school I worked as a Rocket Scientist at The Aerospace Corporation in Southern California while helping people with their Macs on nights and weekends. In 1991 I left The Aerospace Corporation and made helping people with their Macs my full-time work. I’ve been doing that ever since.

I’ve written a few Mac-related how-to books and ghost-written parts of others. I’ve been hired as the technical reviewer for several Mac books as well. My writing now is almost exclusively blogging, as the shorter form fits my schedule better and besides, most people don’t want to read a whole book when their wants are specific (i.e., “How do I password-protect a Word document?” or “How can I write an email now, and schedule it to go out later?” or “How can I add storage space to my MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?“). It’s a Google mentality, part of the new landscape, and I am glad to provide the short, straight-to-the-point articles that people are searching for.

Back by Popular Demand: The Push-ups Every Day Challenge

Yes, I’m doing it again: whichever day of the year it is, I do that many push-ups. January 1st I do 1, January 2nd I do 2, January 31st I do 31, February 1st I do 32, and so on, until, finally, on New Year’s Eve I do 365. Ask me about it! And do it with me.

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