About That Stolen iPhone…

It sounds like a joke– “Guy walks into a bar…”– but it’s pretty serious stuff: Apple engineer loses prototype iPhone in a bar, someone finds it, leaves the bar with it, and sells it to tech/rumor/news site Gizmodo.com for a cool 5 G’s. Gizmodo takes it apart, writes about it, gets lots of attention. Apple wants its phone back, police get involved, search warrants are presented, Gizmodo reporter and the guy who “found” the iPhone are both in big trouble.

That’s the short story. Until now, that’s all we had. Until now.

The longer story is very nicely told in the Affidavit for Search Warrant as published by Wired.com tonight. Have a look. It’s a little slow to get started but when you hit the half-way point it starts getting interesting (and it gets better after that).

Looks like crime doesn’t pay after all. Good.

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