How to password-protect a Pages document on your iPhone or iPad

You can password-protect a Pages document on your iPhone or iPad. No one can open it without the password. This way, if your iPhone or iPhone is unlocked, your document is still protected. It’s really easy to do.With a Pages document up on your iPhone or iPad, look for the wrench at top right and tap it.

IOS Pages Password1 arrow boxed

Tap where it says “Set Password”

IOS Pages Password2 box boxed

Give your document a password, enter it a second time, and enter a hint. There’s no back-door into a password-protected Pages document so the hint is essential should you forget the password.

IOS Pages Password4 box boxed

Pages documents show locked icons when they are password-protected. See below.

IOS Pages Password5 box boxed

When you try to open a password-protected Pages document on your iPhone or iPad you’ll see a message asking you to supply the password. If you can’t remember it, try again. If you still can’t remember it, try one more time– the password hint doesn’t appear until the third failure.

IOS Pages Password8

And that’s all there is to it.


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