Eggfest Recipes

Here are some of the recipes we’ve used at Eggfests in California and Texas.

Shrimp Dealies-- jalapeños, cream cheese, shrimp, bacon, sweet barbecue sauce
Shrimp Dealies

Why do we call them Shrimp Dealies?

I made some of these for my friend Tom way back when. “A taste of Texas,” I told him. He thought they were terrific (they were), and when I was leaving he said “Feel free to bring more of those shrimp dealies any time you want.” The name stuck.

Hints for successful Dealies

  • Wear gloves when handling the jalapeños. Your hands will sting for days if you don’t.
  • Shrimp is curved, and they don’t fit into the jalapeños very well– unless you make some cuts half-way through the shrimp, to help them straighten out. So do that.
  • You want the toothpicks to go through the bacon, and the shrimp, and the jalapeño. Think of the jalapeño as a little boat and stick the toothpicks through it straight up and down, like masts on a boat.
  • Use a plate setter/conveggtor so your Dealies are not able to drip fat onto the fire. You need something between your Dealies and the fire; otherwise, you’re likely to get flare-ups.
  • SLICE– don’t chop– the finished, cooked product. If you press down with the knife you will squish cream cheese out all over the place. Slice, slice, slice.
Grilled Cheese California Club Sandwich-- chicken, bacon, Gruyere cheese, Swiss cheese, avocado aioli, on whole wheat bread
Grilled Cheese California Club Sandwiches
Peach Cobbler-- peaches, pineapple, cake mix, butter
Peach Cobbler
Whole Chickens


Great barbecue rub (we use it on our chickens): Texas Barbeque Rub “Original”

Instant-read thermometer: Thermapen

Temperature control: we use the BBQ Guru products. They’re all good. Set the temperature and walk away knowing the BBQ Guru is on the job, keeping the temperature steady.

How to carve a turkey (or a chicken): Google for “the butcher carves a turkey”


  • First place (tie), 2018 Texas Eggfest, 45 teams
  • 4th place, 2019 Eggs by the Bay Eggfest, 25 teams

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