Customer Showcase

These customers are doing particularly interesting things with their Macs, iPads, and iPhones. It’s a treat to help them.


Tom Nevermann, President of OrgoDomo.Tom Nevermann is founder and President of OrgoDomo, specializing in “Relocation, Orchestration, and Interior Optimization.” Tom and OrgoDomo™ (formerly known as The Moving Doctor) help time-strapped professionals turn house into home with unparalleled proficiency, creativity and a relentless attention to detail.OrgoDomo uses Macs, iPhones, and iPads to track every part of every move.
Russell Avery, Author.Russell Avery’s latest novel is Losing Ground, a story of love, land, and loss, set in the Central California coast. Russell uses Microsoft Word, a MacBook Air, and a MacBook Pro when writing his books. Losing Ground is published by Dublin Bay Books.
Patty Lombard, Author. Co-Publisher of The Larchmont Buzz.Patty Lombard is a longtime resident of Los Angeles’ Larchmont area and a valued neighborhood activist. Her book, Larchmont, is a photographic history of one of Los Angeles’ most cherished and unique neighborhoods. Patty uses an iMac, a MacBook Air, and an iPhone in her daily work.

Marjorie Goodson, artist, dancer, and model.Marjorie Goodson is an artist, dancer, and a model. Her new book, MG, is an inspiring collection of images that prove you can achieve health, beauty, passion, and confidence at any age. Photos were curated on her Mac, sent to Instagram with her iPhone, and posted to Twitter with a custom automation script.
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TechnoLawyer.TechnoLawyer is an award-winning network of free email newsletters for lawyers and law office administrators. The TechnoLawyer team uses AppleScripts to automate production tasks, saving them many hours per week.

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