How to watch Apple’s September 7th Event

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— How to watch Apple’s September 7th Event —

UPDATE: the event is over. You can watch a replay of the event by clicking here.

Apple's September 7th, 2016 Invitation
Apple’s September 7th, 2016 Invitation
Click to add a reminder to your calendar
Click to add a reminder to your calendar (then look in your Downloads folder and double-click the thing)
Apple’s going to show some new stuff on September 7th, 2016. I don’t know what they’ll announce so I’ll be tuning in at 10 AM Pacific Daylight Time to find out, same as you.

Apple’s invitation says it all: you need a reasonably modern iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or a reasonably modern Mac, or a reasonably modern pc. Come back here at 10 AM Wednesday September 7th, 2016 and click the big blue button and we’ll watch the show together. For some reason my invitation hasn’t arrived (yet).


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