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Updated October 9th, 2019.

Here are some of my favorite iPhone and iPad apps.

1Password: the best way to manage your passwords on your iPhone and iPad. Uses Touch ID to make unlocking your secure password vault effortless. Syncs with the 1Password app for the Mac. Now free, with in-app pro purchases.
PhoneView:* runs on your Mac and lets you access your iPhone’s text messages, voice mails, call logs, and more. If you’ve ever wanted to print a bunch of text messages PhoneView* is the way to do it.
MileIQ: super-easy way to keep track of the miles you drive for business, using the GPS feature of your iPhone. The app automatically logs your trips, noting your start and stop times and locations– all without you doing anything. Later, you categorize your trips as business or personal. Turn MileIQ on once and let it do its thing, then be ready to write off those miles when it’s time to do your taxes. I use MileIQ and I love it. More info in this blog post. Free trial, and a 20% discount on an annual plan, via this link.
Launch Center Pro: automation comes to iOS. See my article about using Launch Center Pro to send group emails from iOS devices. I have to send an email to the same people, with the same subject line, multiple times each week. Launch Center Pro reduces the job to a couple of taps. Love it.
Live Cams Pro: best way to view your IP cameras.
Qrafter: best way to read QR codes. Like this one. Try it! QR Code (Christian Boyce business card)
Backyard Birds:* fabulous bird identifier app, using Roger Tory Peterson’s identification system. Great illustrations. Includes songs.
Pedometer ++: shows you how many steps you’ve taken each day (iPhone 5s and higher).
Dark Sky: best weather app by far. Shows you WHEN it will rain, not what the likelihood is. Very, very localized predictions. Fantastic. Details about Dark Sky here.
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