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Here is the code (extra space around the bracket to keep it from working):

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The question for me is, why does this produce the result, with the post title in the link? It seems that something else is kicking in. But why? I notice that when I change the “excerpt_length” I do not see a change in the what is produced.

Here is what it produces:

Beats Headphones 3 Get Free Beats Wireless Headphones with Apple’s Back to School Promotion - Apple launched their annual "Back to School" promotion this morning, offering free Beats Wireless Headphones with purchase of a qualifying Mac or iPad Pro. You have to purchase between July 12th and September 25th, 2017 and to be eligible you have to be a college student, a parent buying for a college student, or a faculty or staff member at any grade level. If you're an elected or appointed member of a school board, or an elected or appointed officer of a PTA or PTO, you're also eligible. Buy through the Apple Online Store for Continue Reading
Christian Boyce dressed up like Uncle Sam Free 4th of July Fireworks Apps for your iPhone and Mac - -- Happy 4th of July -- It's the 4th of July, and that means fireworks. Here are some fireworks apps for your iPhone (or iPad) and Mac. Note: in the spirit of Freedom I am only recommending apps that are free. A fireworks app on your iPhone will help you pass the time as you wait for the sky to get dark enough for the real show to begin. Fireworks Arcade is the iOS fireworks app that I like the best. And it's free. Fireworks Arcade is free. You can let the app launch fireworks Continue Reading
Animated GIF showing decreasing cell phone reception. How to fix poor iPhone cell reception in your home and office - Do you have poor cellular coverage in your home or office? When you call people from your iPhone, do they ask you to repeat what you said, because the sound dropped out? Do they ask you to quit walking around-- even though you're sitting still? Do they say it sounds like you're in a tunnel when actually you're in your home? If you answered Yes to any of the above, you know how irritating these problems are. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it's easy, and it's free. The solution to your problems is WiFi Continue Reading
iOS 10 Photos app icon How to use the Memories feature in iOS 10’s Photos app - How to use the Memories feature in iOS 10's Photos appThe Photos app in iOS 10 introduces a great new feature called "Memories," and it's a ton of fun. I think you'll like it and use it a lot. The idea behind Memories is this: you've taken a lot of pictures, too many to manage, yet you'd like to go back and view your photos in a nice and organized way. The Memories feature does the organization for you automatically, behind your back, every day, producing mini-movies of your best photos grouped by date, place, Continue Reading
Text replacements are awesome! Set Up Your Own iPhone and Mac Text Replacements for Auto-Correct - Whether you're using an iPhone or a Mac, Auto-Correct is a real time-saver. Turns out you can set up your own "corrections" that expand into frequently-used words, phrases, sentences-- even whole paragraphs! (On the Mac, they call them "text expansions." On the iPhone, they're "text replacements." Either way, think of them as Auto-Corrects that substitute a lot of text for a little. Imagine typing a couple of characters in Messages on your iPhone and seeing it expand into a whole bunch of stuff that you didn't have to type! That's the power of these things.) Continue Reading
College Football on December Calendar page 2016-2017 College Football Bowl Games Calendar for iPhone, iPad, and Mac - -- 2016-2017 College Football Bowl Games Calendar for iPhone, iPad, and Mac -- I've created the 2016-2017 College Football Bowl Game calendar for you and your iPhone and iPad and Mac. Click here to get it. When asked whether you want to subscribe, the answer is YES, you want to subscribe. That way you get updates in case I have to change something. The calendar has all the important information (dates, times, teams, TV network, and if I get the time I will also update the scores). Click the link, remember to tell it to Continue Reading
Press Home to Unlock How to Quickly Unlock Your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 - -- How to Quickly Unlock Your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 -- We used to unlock our iPhones and iPads with a simple "Slide to Unlock." It was easy. With iOS 10 it's different-- now it's a confusing "Press Home to Unlock" which often results in a "click / double-click / ooops that's Siri / oops that's Apple Pay" click-a-thon. When you finally get the thing unlocked you're not really sure how you did it because you tried so many things. It was better the old way, but we can do something about it. Continue Reading
iOS 10 Mail icon How I Fixed an iPhone that Couldn’t Get Mail Unless On WiFi - -- How I Fixed an iPhone that Couldn't Get Mail Unless On WiFi -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Settings, Cellular, Use Cellular Data For. Scroll down and be sure Mail is turned ON. I had an interesting problem last month. My friend Laura dropped her iPhone 6 and cracked the screen. She was going to get a new one, but decided to get the screen replaced and keep using it. Everything seemed fine after the repair. But Then... Laura called me to say that her email wasn't working on her iPhone. She kept getting messages like this Continue Reading
Balloons Screen Effect in iOS 10 Messages How to send balloons and other screen effects in iOS 10 Messages - You've probably seen this Apple ad, showing someone receiving a fancy text message:The ad doesn't tell you how to send such messages. That's MY job. Here's how you do it. Start by writing your message on your iOS 10 iPhone or iPad (more or this later), just like you always do. Then, instead of tapping the the arrow-in-the-blue-circle "Send" button, hold that button down (you might have to press hard-- depends on whether you have an iPhone with 3D touch, and on your 3D Touch settings. Settings/General/Accessibility/3D Touch). That leads to choices: You can play Continue Reading
Best iPhone weather app: Dark Sky Weather - Weather reports are so vague: "50% chance of rain." "Scattered showers." I don't know about you, but for me, that kind of "information" isn't very informative. I care about the weather because I want to know whether it's going to rain after I wash my car, or whether I have time to mow the lawn before it rains, or whether that football game I'm thinking of attending is going to be played in the rain or not. It's a lot to ask, but someone's delivered, and no it is NOT "Doppler Radar 3000" or whatever Continue Reading
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