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College Football on December Calendar page 2017-2018 College Football Bowl Games Calendar for iPhone, iPad, and Mac - — 2017-2018 College Football Bowl Games Calendar for iPhone, iPad, and Mac — (If you find an error in this calendar please leave a comment and I will take care of it. Thank you.) UPDATE: I’ve added the TV stations to the summary of each event. (Thanks for the idea, Cecil!) I’ve created the 2017-2018 College Football Bowl Game calendar for you and your iPhone and iPad and Mac. Click here to get it. If you’re asked where to import the calendar, choose “New Calendar.” When you’re asked whether you want to subscribe to the… Continue Reading 2017-2018 College Football Bowl Games Calendar for iPhone, iPad, and Mac
Christian Boyce on the radio - I’ll be on the Digital Village radio program Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 discussing Apple’s new iPhones. The Digital Village show starts at 7 pm Pacific time; my part of the show starts around 7:30 pm. UPDATE: here’s a recording of my part of the radio program. You can listen to the show live by tuning to KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles using something called “a radio.” (Kids, ask your parents.) You can stream the live show using this link on your computer or phone. And, if you miss the show, or just want to hear me… Continue Reading Christian Boyce on the radio
Red and blue Apple logo from invitation to September 2017 Apple Event Watch the Apple Special Event Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 - UPDATE (9-12-2017): Apple introduced an updated Apple Watch, an updated Apple TV, and three new iPhones. You can watch the entire presentation using this link. You can watch the special iPhone X video, featuring Chief Design Officer Jony Ive, using this link. UPDATE 2 (9-12-2017): I’ll be on the Digital Village radio program talking about the new iPhones on Wednesday September 13th, 2017. Read about how to listen to the show (they do record it). It’s that time again– time for Apple to announce something exciting in one of their big Special Events. This event… Continue Reading Watch the Apple Special Event Tuesday, September 12th, 2017
Beats Headphones 3 Get Free Beats Wireless Headphones with Apple’s Back to School Promotion - Apple launched their annual “Back to School” promotion this morning, offering free Beats Wireless Headphones with purchase of a qualifying Mac or iPad Pro. You have to purchase between July 12th and September 25th, 2017 and to be eligible you have to be a college student, a parent buying for a college student, or a faculty or staff member at any grade level. If you’re an elected or appointed member of a school board, or an elected or appointed officer of a PTA or PTO, you’re also eligible. Buy through the Apple Online Store for… Continue Reading Get Free Beats Wireless Headphones with Apple’s Back to School Promotion
27-inch Retina iMac, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Keyboard available at Amazon - It took a few weeks but Amazon now has the 27-inch iMac with the Retina display. You can click this link* to go straight there. The warranty is through Apple whether you buy from Amazon or the Apple Store, or anyone else, so you can simply shop on price. Comparing identical models, Amazon’s price is better than the Apple Store’s. Amazon also has the new Magic Mouse 2, which improves on the original Magic Mouse by having a built-in rechargeable battery (and you charge it using the included Lightning cable, same kind your iPhone uses–… Continue Reading 27-inch Retina iMac, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Keyboard available at Amazon
Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 adapter/dongle Apple reduces prices on dongles and LG screens - — Apple reduces prices on dongles and LG screens — Apple has cut prices on the USB-C adapters (or “dongles”) designed to connect your existing peripherals to their new, all-USB-C MacBook Pro computers. They’ve also cut prices on Thunderbolt 3 accessories. Discounts in some cases are nearly 50%. This is the time to buy (because the prices will go back up January 1st, 2017). This USB-C to Lightning cable (handy if you want to connect your iPhone 7 to your new MacBook Pro) is now $19 (was $25). Apple has also reduced the price of… Continue Reading Apple reduces prices on dongles and LG screens
New MacBook Pros Introduced at Apple’s Special Event - — New MacBook Pros Introduced at Apple’s Special Event — Apple introduced new MacBook Pros today at a special event held at their Town Hall facility in Cupertino. Other than a preview of a new app for the Apple TV, there were no other product announcements– nothing about iMacs, nothing about the Mac mini, nothing about the Mac Pro. Maybe next time. You can watch the presentation by clicking this link. 82 minutes and 15 seconds in length. The new MacBook Pros feature a “Touch Bar” across the top of the keyboard, where the function… Continue Reading New MacBook Pros Introduced at Apple’s Special Event
Your money or your JPEGs What You Need to Know About Mac Ransomware - — What You Need to Know About Mac ransomware — Executive Summary: Mac ransomware is here, and you need to protect your Mac. Mac “ransomware” is in the news lately, and many people have been asking me, “Is this real?” Sorry to say, “Yes, it’s real.” Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your Mac. First, you need to know what ransomware is. Ransomware is software that locks your device (a smart phone, or a computer) and puts a ransom note on the screen, telling you where to send money to regain… Continue Reading What You Need to Know About Mac Ransomware
Intego Mac Internet Security X9 package Best Mac Anti-Virus Package: Intego Internet Security X9 - Do you need Mac anti-virus software? Some people say that anti-virus programs slow down your Mac (true, at least a littl), and are expensive (depends), and basically a waste of time and money since there aren’t any Mac viruses (not true). Other people say that there are zillions of Word and Excel viruses (true), and even though they don’t affect a Mac like they do a PC your Mac can still be “a carrier” and you’ll cause trouble for people with PCs when you pass an infected document through email, and the cost of an… Continue Reading Best Mac Anti-Virus Package: Intego Internet Security X9
Blue and Gold footballs 2017 College Football schedules for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad - — 2017 College Football schedules for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad — UPDATE: I’ve created the 2017-2018 College Football Bowl Game calendar for you and your iPhone and iPad and Mac. Click here to get it. Or click here and read all about it first. When asked whether you want to subscribe, the answer is YES, you want to subscribe. That way you get updates in case I have to change something. Note: I am updating this page with new pictures, but the links and directions are updated already, and they work now. If you… Continue Reading 2017 College Football schedules for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad
Black Apple logo How to watch Apple’s September 7th Event - — How to watch Apple’s September 7th Event — UPDATE: the event is over. You can watch a replay of the event by clicking here. Apple’s going to show some new stuff on September 7th, 2016. I don’t know what they’ll announce so I’ll be tuning in at 10 AM Pacific Daylight Time to find out, same as you. Apple’s invitation says it all: you need a reasonably modern iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or a reasonably modern Mac, or a reasonably modern pc. Come back here at 10 AM Wednesday September 7th, 2016 and… Continue Reading How to watch Apple’s September 7th Event
iOS 9.3.5 icon Should I install the iOS 9.3.5 update on my iPhone? - — Should I install the iOS 9.3.5 update on my iPhone? — Apple’s released another iOS update and this one plugs a hole that allowed someone to hack into an iPhone remotely and monitor activity. Text messages, emails, phone calls, location info– you name it. Pretty sophisticated, and pretty serious stuff. You can read about the exploit in the New York Times‘ excellent article. It boils down to this: if you’re on any version of iOS 9, get the 9.3.5 update right away. The easiest way to do it is “in place, over the air”… Continue Reading Should I install the iOS 9.3.5 update on my iPhone?
WWDC Logo 2017 How to Watch Apple’s WWDC Keynote - How to Watch Apple’s WWDC Keynote UPDATE: The keynote is over. Here’s a link to the entire recorded keynote (139 minutes). Watch and enjoy! UPDATE #2: Here’s a link to a seven-minute condensed version of the keynote from our friends at MacRumors. Can’t get enough of Apple’s presentations? Neither can I! Here’s a link to the most recent Apple special event keynote speeches and new product introductions. Use this link and see even more Apple presentations, in iTunes. Last updated 06/7/17
10.11.5 thumbs up Should I update my Mac to 10.11.5? - — Should I Update My Mac to 10.11.5? — UPDATE: the Mac OS is up to 10.11.6 now. Here’s my article about the 10.11.6 update. The answer to “Should I update my Mac to 10.11.5?” is easy if you’re already on 10.11.0, or 10.11.1, or 10.11.2, or 10.11.3, or 10.11.4. In those situations, the answer is definitely YES. Upgrade to 10.11.5 (using the 10.11.5 combo update, which I describe and link to further down). (Those of you who are not on 10.11 already: continue reading as I have advice for you as well.) I’ve been… Continue Reading Should I update my Mac to 10.11.5?
Should I install the iOS 9.3.2 Update? - — Should I install the iOS 9.3.2 Update? — Easy answer: yes, unless you are thinking of updating an iPad Pro 9.7 inch. In that case, don’t. The iPad Pro 9.7 inch can, in some cases, become “bricked” (completely unresponsive) when the 9.3.2 update is applied. UPDATE:Apple has recognized the problem and for now the highest available iOS version for the iPad Pro 9.7 inch is 9.3.1. If you try to get 9.3.2 on an iPad Pro 9.7 inch you’ll be told that 9.3.1 is the highest version available. For now. UPDATE #2: Apple has… Continue Reading Should I install the iOS 9.3.2 Update?
Boom for iOS logo How to Improve the Sound of Music on your iPhone - — How to Improve the Sound of Music on your iPhone — No, not that Sound of Music. I mean the sound of songs that you buy from iTunes and play on your iPhone. UPDATE: Boom for iOS had an update 6-8-2016. Interface improvements, more options for shaping the sound, and a built-in Help page. It’s only 1.0.2, but there’s a lot of polish in it. You know about Boom 2, the best way to get more sound out of your Mac. Now there’s Boom for iOS. Intended for use with headphones– any headphones, including… Continue Reading How to Improve the Sound of Music on your iPhone
WiFi security hack exploits the January 1st, 1970 iOS bug - — WiFi security hack exploits the January 1st, 1970 iOS bug — An iOS bug can cause iPhones and iPads and iPods to essentially self-destruct under certain conditions. Contrary to some of the more sensational headlines (This iOS date trick will brick any device from 9 to 5 Mac, and Setting the date to 1 January 1970 will brick your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from The Guardian), this problem only applies to 64-bit iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS 8.0 through 9.3. That means iPhone 5s or newer, the iPad Air, the iPad mini… Continue Reading WiFi security hack exploits the January 1st, 1970 iOS bug
iOS 9.3 icon Should I Update my iPhone or iPad to iOS 9.3? - — Should I Update my iPhone or iPad to iOS 9.3? — If your iPhone or iPad is already on any version of iOS 9, the answer is simple: YES, you should update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 9.3. (Actually, you’ll be updating to 9.3.1 because Apple discovered a problem with 9.3 after it was released. That problem was fixed in 9.3.1.) UPDATE: there are more fixes in 9.3.2. You can’t get 9.3.1 anymore unless you’re on an iPad Pro 9.7 inch. The easiest way to update your device to 9.3.1 is “through the… Continue Reading Should I Update my iPhone or iPad to iOS 9.3?
10.11.4: I say thumbs up! Should I Update My Mac to 10.11.4? - — Should I Update My Mac to 10.11.4? — UPDATE: They’re up to 10.11.5. Here’s my article on updating to 10.11.5. The answer to “Should I update my Mac to 10.11.4?” is easy if you’re already on 10.11.0, or 10.11.1, or 10.11.2, or 10.11.3. In those situations, the answer is definitely YES. Upgrade to 10.11.4 (using the 10.11.4 combo update, which I will describe further down). (Those of you who are not on 10.11 already: continue reading as I have advice for you as well.) I’ve been testing 10.11.4 here since the day it came… Continue Reading Should I Update My Mac to 10.11.4?
Apple Special Event Loop You In How to watch Apple’s March 21st 2016 keynote - — How to watch Apple’s March 21st 2016 keynote — Apple will hold a special event keynote Monday, March 21st, 2016 at 10 AM PDT. UPDATE: here’s the link for my June 13th, 2016 WWDC how-to-watch article. Watch the March 21st, 2016 keynote using your iPhone, iPad or Mac by clicking the big blue button. Hint: if you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, be sure you’re on WiFi so you don’t use up your cellular data. These events usually run about two hours and you don’t want to burn through your monthly data allowance… Continue Reading How to watch Apple’s March 21st 2016 keynote
Mac OS X 10.11.3 update: don’t do it - I’m seeing a lot of problems with Apple’s 10.11.3 update. If you’ve already installed the 10.11.3 update and everything seems fine, consider yourself lucky; if you haven’t installed it, play it safe and don’t install it. I’ve never seen a more problematic update. UPDATE: the 10.11.4 update is out and I’ve seen zero problems with it. Read “Should I Update My Mac to 10.11.4” for more info. UPDATE #2: now we’re at 10.11.5. It too has no problems. See my article about how to install 10.11.5 the pro way. (Join the mailing list and get… Continue Reading Mac OS X 10.11.3 update: don’t do it
iPhone and iPad Productivity Apps 50% off at the App Store - Hot on the heels of the Mac App Store’s 50% off sale on Productivity Apps, Apple’s put iPhone and iPad productivity apps on sale too. Choose from: Things: (to-do list/project organizer– syncs with Mac version) Clear: (another to-do list organizer– simpler than Things, syncs with Mac version) PCalc: (advanced calculator) … and several more. This is your chance to get productive on the cheap. Click the big blue button and explore. Last updated 01/24/16
Mac Productivity Apps 50% off at the App Store - UPDATE: the sale is over. But, the apps are still great. Check them out and if you don’t get them now, put them on your wish list. Apple is discounting productivity apps by 50% for a limited time. Apps include: 1Password (best password manager– syncs with iOS counterpart) Magnet (tiles windows on your screen– neaten things up!) Things (to-do list/project organizer– syncs with iOS counterpart) Clear (simple to-do list manager– syncs with iOS counterpart) … and many more. This is your chance to get organized for cheap. Make it your late-January resolution. Click the big… Continue Reading Mac Productivity Apps 50% off at the App Store
1Password password manager half off - 1Password password manager now 50% off 1Password is the best password manager you can buy and now it’s 50% off at the Mac App Store. It keeps track of all of your passwords and supplies them when needed. Synchronizes with your iPhone and iPad too. Take my word for it: you want this.For more information, read my article “Internet Security, Passwords, and You.” UPDATE: the sale is over. However, you can buy 1Password directly from and save 20% with coupon code “MacPowerUsers”. Tell a friend and help my blog get famous. Every “share” helps.… Continue Reading 1Password password manager half off
NFL Post-Season Calendar for iPhone and Mac - Executive Summary: click the link to get the NFL Post-Season Calendar on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. The calendar will work forever– this season, next season, and so on. This article tells you how to do it. Looking for the entire NFL Calendar? Scott Crevier at has updated his server with the latest NFL schedule. Follow the instructions in this blog post and you’ll be all set– not just for this year, but forever! Read more about it in my NFL Schedules and Calendars blog post. Subscribing to one of Southendzone’s calendars… Continue Reading NFL Post-Season Calendar for iPhone and Mac
Pile of old phones How to Trade-in your old Smartphone for an Apple Store Gift Card - — How to Trade-in your old Smartphone for an Apple Store Gift Card — Apple is offering a trade-in program for old smartphones via this link. Just go online, click a few buttons, and see how much your old phone is worth. It doesn’t have to be an Apple iPhone (though it can be) and you don’t have to use the trade-in value toward a new iPhone (though you can). They’ll take a BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG, or even a Samsung, and if it qualifies, Apple will pay you with an Apple Store gift… Continue Reading How to Trade-in your old Smartphone for an Apple Store Gift Card
2015-2016 College Football Bowl Game Calendar for iPhone and Mac - — 2015-2016 College Football Bowl Game Calendar for iPhone and Mac — UPDATE: I’ve created the 2016-2017 College Football Bowl Game calendar for you. Click here to get it. When asked whether you want to subscribe, click YES. UPDATE: here is the 2016 College Football schedule, for each team in America. The nice people at have put out a calendar showing every college football bowl game. It has dates, times, teams, and TV channels (and it will update to show the scores). Subscribe to the calendar, set it to refresh daily (so you get… Continue Reading 2015-2016 College Football Bowl Game Calendar for iPhone and Mac
The Clever Coffee Dripper - I think of The Clever Coffee Dripper* as an essential Mac accessory because it makes the coffee that fuels this here website (and a lot of other stuff that keeps me up all night.) The beauty of The Clever Coffee Dripper is the water doesn’t just run though the cone and into your cup. Instead, it stays in the Dripper, steeping as it were, until you set it down on top of a cup, which activates a valve, releasing the brewed coffee. The longer it steeps, the stronger the coffee, and you will quickly figure… Continue Reading The Clever Coffee Dripper
Christian Boyce on the Digital Village radio show, September 13th, 2014 - I will be on the Digital Village radio show tomorrow, September 13th, 2014, talking about Apple’s announcements from this Tuesday. The program starts at 10 AM Pacific time and my part will begin around 10:15. Should be about a fifteen minute interview. I’d tune in right at 10 AM as it is always interesting to hear hosts Doran Barons and Ric Allan read the news. Here’s how to listen. In Los Angeles, tune your radio to KPFK 90.7 FM. On a Mac, click this link. (If you use the ClickToFlash Safari extension you will have… Continue Reading Christian Boyce on the Digital Village radio show, September 13th, 2014
Thoughts on Apple’s iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch - The big day has come and gone, and the new iPhones and the Apple Watch are all anyone wants to talk about. I can’t count how many people have written to ask me “So which one do I get?” and “What do you think about the watch?” so I am going to answer the questions here on the blog. The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus It’s hard to form an opinion about these phones in advance of holding them in my hands. They’re both bigger than an iPhone 5, we know that– and… Continue Reading Thoughts on Apple’s iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch
Black Apple logo Apple’s Special Event - Apple will stream live video of its special event TODAY via this link. The show starts at 10 AM Pacific time. If you have an Apple TV look for a new “Special Event” icon on the main screen and watch the show from there. Here’s the fine print (from Apple):Live streaming video requires Safari 5.1.10 or later on OS X v10.6.8 or later; Safari on iOS 6.0 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 6.2 or later. Mom, you can watch it on your iPad. I will update… Continue Reading Apple’s Special Event
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program - Maybe there’s something wrong with your iPhone 5’s battery after all. Apple has found that a “very small percentage” of iPhone 5 units (the 5, not the 5s, and not the 5c) “may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently.” If that sounds like your iPhone, check out Apple’s serial number checker on their iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program page and see if your phone qualifies. Apple will replace the battery at no charge. Note: this program went into effect on August 22nd, 2014 in the United States and China.… Continue Reading iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program
Macworld/iWorld 2014 Wrap-Up - I’m back from Macworld/iWorld, having spent three days searching for the newest and grooviest Mac, iPhone, and iPad stuff. Although Apple remained a no-show, I am happy to say that Macworld/iWorld appears to have found its post-Apple stride. The crowds were fairly large, the exhibition floor was full of interesting stuff, and almost everyone was enthusiastic and happy to be there. Here’s what I found particularly noteworthy. Note: if you’d like to listen to my Macworld/iWorld report with Doran Barons and Ric Allen on the Digital Village radio program, here’s the link to that. Perfect… Continue Reading Macworld/iWorld 2014 Wrap-Up
Christian Boyce on the Radio, March 29th, 2014 - It’s Springtime, and a young man’s thoughts naturally turn to Macworld/iWorld in San Francisco. The show starts Thursday, and I’ll be there, keeping my streak alive (I’ve never missed). On Saturday I’ll tell you all about it via the miracle of radio. All you have to do is tell Siri to remind you to listen to the Digital Village radio program on KPFK, 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, at 10 AM this Saturday. If you want to listen over the internet using your Mac here’s a link to KPFK’s site. The “Listen Live” button is… Continue Reading Christian Boyce on the Radio, March 29th, 2014
Christian Boyce Speaking at Macworld/iWorld - Macworld/iWorld (formerly “Macworld Expo”) is coming soon to San Francisco’s Moscone Center. I’ve been selected as one of the speakers in the “RapidFire” session on opening night (March 27th, 2014), starting at 5 PM. Each RapidFire speaker (I think there are 15) gets exactly five minutes to impart some pearls of Mac or iPhone wisdom and if it’s anything like last year it’s going to be educational and a lot of fun. If you’re going to be at Macworld/iWorld you owe it to yourself to come to RapidFire.Here is a link to a video of… Continue Reading Christian Boyce Speaking at Macworld/iWorld
Get at least $200 for any working iPad at Target - Target is offering at least a $200 gift card for ANY working iPad (newer iPads get more). The iPad can’t have any scratches on the screen, and it has to turn on. Do what you want with the gift card (though I recommend spending it on either the iPad Air or the iPad mini, or possibly on Christmas gifts for your favorite blogger). You’d better move on this quickly. The offer is good through November 9th, 2013. Target’s regular trade-in offer for the original iPad is $65 so if you have one of those this… Continue Reading Get at least $200 for any working iPad at Target
How to Find an iPhone 5s - UPDATE (November 5th, 2013): Apple’s legal department has asked that the Apple-Tracker website be shut down as it violates terms of use of the website. So now it’s gone. Too bad– it was rather handy. Thanks, Apple-Tracker. Looking for an iPhone 5s? Of course you are. And are you discovering that the iPhone 5s is in short supply? Of course you are. And are you wishing there was a way to check the inventory of every Apple Store near you, with a minimum of effort? Of course you are. So am I. Fortunately, there’s… Continue Reading How to Find an iPhone 5s
iOS 7: Stretch Your iPhone’s Battery Life - iOS 7: Stretch Your iPhone’s Battery Life UPDATE: Apple has found that the batteries in some iPhone 5 units drain too quickly. They’ll replace those batteries for free. Read all about it on my post “iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program.” My iPhone 5, with iOS 7, ran out of power today. I don’t know exactly when but I know it was before 6 PM. That’s not good. It’s never happened before, but then again I never accidentally turned on Bluetooth (because it was almost impossible to do that accidentally in previous versions of iOS) and… Continue Reading iOS 7: Stretch Your iPhone’s Battery Life
iOS 7: Coming Soon, and Why You Should Wait to Install It - Yes, iOS 7 is coming soon. Very soon. Tomorrow, in fact. Assuming your iPad/iPhone/iPod can handle it (more on that later), you can download and install iOS 7 through the air— for free! The question is, should you install iOS 7? The answer is “probably.” But not right away. My advice: wait. Wait for others to find the bugs. Wait for ME to find the bugs. Wait for me to write up my first-hand experience (I of course will NOT wait as research does not wait here at the Christian Boyce Center for Advanced iPhone… Continue Reading iOS 7: Coming Soon, and Why You Should Wait to Install It
Another Flash Update - Once again a bug in Adobe’s Flash plug-in presents a serious security risk to Mac users, and once again Apple has disabled all but the very latest version of it. Which means that if you’re using Safari on your Mac and you try to load a webpage that requires Flash you’ll get a message about a blocked plug-in. You’ll also see, if you click on the “Blocked plug-in” message, a little “sheet” sliding down from your Safari window, telling you pretty much what I’ve told you here. Here’s Apple’s web page explaining the whole thing.… Continue Reading Another Flash Update
Best of Macworld/iWorld 2013 - I’m back from Macworld/iWorld 2013, my 25th Macworld show in a row. Unless it’s my 26th in a row. Anyway, regardless, here’s a brief rundown of the best stuff at the show. Rage Software previewed “EasyWeb,” their website creation program for the Mac. It has a lot in common with Apple’s Pages and they are positioning it as the successor to Apple’s iWeb. It comes with templates to help you get started and it’s very easy to whip up a really nice looking website. The best part: they handle the web hosting too. For $99… Continue Reading Best of Macworld/iWorld 2013
Macworld/iWorld 2013 - I’ll be speaking at Macworld as part of the RapidFire session. It’s a lot of fun for everyone: each of ten speakers gets 5 minutes to demonstrate something cool. I’ll be covering Moom, Desktop Curtain, and Typinator (and speaking very quickly). Here’s a link to my PDF handout. Macworld/iWorld 2013 runs this Thursday through Saturday. I’ll be on the Digital Village radio program on Saturday at approximately 10:15 AM discussing the best (and worst) things I saw at the show. You can listen at 90.7 FM in Los Angeles (KPFK FM). You can also use… Continue Reading Macworld/iWorld 2013
Coming Soon: Macworld/iWorld 2013 - It’s the most wonderful time of the year… That’s right, it’s time for Macworld/iWorld! The show runs January 31st through February 2nd, 2013 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. I’ll be there all three days. Look me up. There are two parts to the show: the Expo, which is a giant space filled with software programmers and hardware vendors and book publishers and iPhone case manufacturers and speaker designers (you get the idea– if it has, or could have, anything to do with Macs or iPhones or iPads, it’s in the Expo), and the Tech Talks,… Continue Reading Coming Soon: Macworld/iWorld 2013
OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Advice and Info - Apple released Mountain Lion today, also known as OS X 10.8. This comes less than a month after the MobileMe-to-iCloud transition deadline, which means less than a month after a whole lot of people converted to OS X 10.7 (Lion). My advice, based on over 21 years of full-time Mac consulting, is wait. Mountain Lion looks like a real improvement to Lion, with new apps and new refinements, but who knows for sure that the things you need to do can still be done with 10.8? Will Quicken work? How about Microsoft Office, and Adobe’s… Continue Reading OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Advice and Info
What to do about the Flashback trojan - Bad news and good news about Flashback. First the bad news. There’s this thing called Flashback and it will mess up your Mac big-time. You could get it simply by visiting an infected website. Flashback will inject code into your browser and the modification lets the bad guys collect information as you visit various websites. The information could include, for example, your online banking username and password. Ugh. You don’t want this to happen. Now the good news. Flashback is reasonably easy to detect, and reasonably easy to protect against. Let’s start with detection. This… Continue Reading What to do about the Flashback trojan
Christian Boyce on the Digital Village radio show, March 17, 2012 - I’ll be on the Digital Village radio show at 10:30 this morning talking about the new iPad. In Los Angeles you can listen on your radio by tuning to 90.7 FM. If you’re not in Los Angeles, or you’d rather listen through the internet, you can click here. If you missed the show you can get the replay on Digital Village’s audio archives page. Last updated 01/7/17
What’s New in the iOS 5.1 Update - Apple released iOS 5.1 last week and if you’re already on 5.0 or 5.0.1 this update will come to you automatically, through the air. You’ll be asked whether or not you want it– the answer should be “yes.” Be sure your iPhone (or iPad or iPod) is connected to a charger, and on a WiFi network, and then go for it. (If you haven’t seen a message on your iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) asking you about updating, do this: go to the Settings app, then General, then Software Update (near the top). If… Continue Reading What’s New in the iOS 5.1 Update
The New iPad - Apple introduced the new iPad (and that’s what they call it– “the new iPad”) a couple of days ago. It looks a lot like the previous model, the so-called “iPad 2.” I think they could have called the new one “iPad 2.5” or something like that because of the many similarities. Basically, the new iPad is faster, has a better screen, has a better camera, has faster wireless networking, and can take dictation. With the exception of “can take dictation” these are simply upgrades, not anything really new. Yes, these upgrades make the iPad even… Continue Reading The New iPad
Black Apple logo Apple Event Predictions - As seemingly everyone knows, Apple has some announcements to make this morning. I don’t have any inside information about what they’ll have for us, but if you really want me to guess, here’s what I wouldn’t be surprised to see. A new and improved iPad. Personally, I find the iPad 2 so fabulously useful that it is hard to find a lot of room for improvement. Yes, it’s always possible to make a better screen, and yes a better camera would seem a natural step forward, but is that worth holding a special event over?… Continue Reading Apple Event Predictions
Don’t Fall for this Phishing Scam - Phishing refers to a technique by which someone or something pretends to be something trustworthy in an attempt to get you to voluntarily give up important information such as passwords. Here’s a story about a phishing scam that I’ve seen three times in two weeks. Don’t let it happen to you! But first: Take this Phishing Quiz and see how the bad guys try to trick you. Use a desktop computer or an iPad for the best experience. I received an email this weekend that appeared to be from my friend Pat. It definitely came… Continue Reading Don’t Fall for this Phishing Scam
Macworld|iWorld 2012 Wrap-Up - I’m back from Macworld|iWorld, and apart from the awkward name change the show was great. This was the first show in the “Apple isn’t here” era where the feeling was more about who was there than who wasn’t. It’s not the same as it was when Apple had a giant booth but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. (Click here to listen to my brief Macworld|iWorld report on the radio show “Digital Village.” Worth your time.) Awkward as it is, the name “Macworld|iWorld” represented the show better than just “Macworld” would have. This would have… Continue Reading Macworld|iWorld 2012 Wrap-Up
Hear the Christian Boyce Macworld|iWorld Report on the Radio - I’ll be giving my annual “State of the Mac (and iPad, and iPhone)” address this Saturday on the Digital Village radio program, hosted by Ric Allan and Doran Barons. The show starts at 10 AM this Saturday, January 28th, 2012 and in Los Angeles you can listen to it live on the radio, 90.7 FM KPFK. If you aren’t within range of KPFK, listen over the internet using this link. And, if you miss the show, listen whenever you want by visiting Digital Village’s Audio Archive. My part of the show will probably start around… Continue Reading Hear the Christian Boyce Macworld|iWorld Report on the Radio
Apple’s iBooks Textbooks Announcement - Apple’s out to fix another broken industry, same as they did with music and cellular phones. This time it’s textbooks, and I’ll let Apple tell you why it’s needed, and why the Apple solution is the right one. Here are a couple of links that tell the story: this one is a promotional video, and this one is the entire introductory event from last week. One very interesting part of Apple’s plan is that just about anyone can publish a book in Apple’s iBookstore. You don’t have to be a big-time publishing company, or even… Continue Reading Apple’s iBooks Textbooks Announcement
iOS 5.0.1 update– I like it - Apple released iOS 5.0.1 today. It supposedly fixes the issues that the iPhone 4S has with the battery draining much too quickly. As such, it is just what I’ve been waiting for. I installed it through the air via Apple’s new iOS software update system: 1. Go to Settings2. Tap General3. Tap Software Update You will get a warning about doing this without the iPhone being plugged in to power, but my updates (on an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2) went perfectly even without being plugged in. The devices went down about two percent… Continue Reading iOS 5.0.1 update– I like it
“He Cared the Most” - Apple’s posted a video of the company’s recent celebration of Steve Jobs’ life. It’s beautiful, and moving, and I recommend watching it all the way through. In it, Jony Ive (lead designer on Apple products including the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad) absolutely nails what made Steve Jobs so great. Here are the essential four words: “He cared the most.” Here’s the link. Last updated 04/10/16
Some Thoughts on Steve Jobs - Steve Jobs is dead, and the tributes are everywhere. I’ve read as many of these tributes as I could and at the end of this article are links to some of the best. I’ve especially enjoyed reading personal recollections from people who knew him, though I’m not sure that I’ve seen any from anyone who claimed to know him well. I never met Steve Jobs. I thought that someday I might, but I never did. Yet, twenty-five years as a full-time Macintosh consultant connect me to Apple and Jobs in a way that most people… Continue Reading Some Thoughts on Steve Jobs
iPhone 4S Introduction - In case you spent the day in a cave, let me tell you about the new iPhone that Apple introduced today. They call it “the iPhone 4S“. You could call it a disappointment because it’s not an “iPhone 5,” whatever that was imagined to be, but it would be better to call it a refined and polished iPhone 4. Apple similarly refined and polished the iPhone 3G to make the 3GS, and that worked out very well indeed. Let’s hope it turns out as well this time. (Here’s a link to the keynote video.) They’re… Continue Reading iPhone 4S Introduction
Great Deals on New and Closeout Macs - MacMall is having a 72-hour sale on Macs (MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iMacs). Check it out and save a pile of money. Contact me if you need help with choosing a model. If you’re choosing one for ME, I like the 21.5 inch iMac with the 3.6 GHz Core i5 for $1099. Last updated 12/18/15
Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag– from Kensington - I bought this Kensington Contour Roller bag* in January 2006 to carry my laptop (at the time, a PowerBook G4 15 inch), and some CDs, and a bunch of floppy disks(!). It had pockets all over the place, so I also put in some pens, some business cards, some cables, and a bunch of other stuff. It was a fantastic bag and I used it every day in my travels to customer locations. The collapsable handle has been really handy, especially in airports. Five and a half years later, the stitching on one of the… Continue Reading Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag– from Kensington
Accept Credit Cards on Your iPhone, with Square - Being able to accept credit cards is good for business. It’s convenient for customers, and it’s fast for the vendor. Unfortunately, for the small businessman, accepting credit cards has been an expensive hassle. Not anymore– thanks to Square. Square provides, for free, a credit card reader that fits into your iPhone’s headphone jack. Use the Square iPhone app to enter the amount of the bill, swipe a card through the Square reader’s slot, and you’re on your way to getting paid. Start by going to Square and signing up for an account. All you need… Continue Reading Accept Credit Cards on Your iPhone, with Square
Favorite Steve Jobs Links - I thought I’d put a few of my favorite Steve Jobs links here, all in one place. Enjoy. Playboy Interview, February 1985. Long, meaty interview with Steve Jobs, at the time head of Apple. Fantastic reading. Three months after this interview was published, Jobs was out of Apple, fired from the company he started. MacWorld Expo 1997 Keynote Speech. Jobs is back with Apple, thanks to Apple’s acquisition of NeXT. Gil Amelio (the Apple CEO who oversaw the acquisition) is out, and Apple is operating without an official CEO. In his first big public speech… Continue Reading Favorite Steve Jobs Links
Christian Boyce on the Radio September 3rd, 2011 - I’ll be on the Digital Village radio program Saturday, September 3rd 2011 at 9 AM, talking with hosts Doran Barons and Ric Allan about Steve Jobs and his legacy. Should be an interesting program. Click here to listen live. If you miss the show, use this link to listen to a recording. Last updated 01/14/17
NFL Prime Time Calendar for 2011, in iCal Format - Here is an iCal calendar showing the times and teams for every prime-time NFL game for the 2011 season. The calendar is provided by Scott Crevier of South End Zone and if you’re a football fan I strongly urge you to visit his site. In years past, I’ve modified Scott’s full NFL schedule using AppleScript, producing a calendar of just the prime-time games, but Scott agreed to build the prime-time calendar himself this year. Scott’s calendar has the advantage of being kept up to date as the season moves along. If you click the link… Continue Reading NFL Prime Time Calendar for 2011, in iCal Format
Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple: My Thoughts - This is Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone at MacWorld Expo in January 2007. This is Steve Jobs introducing the iPad three years later. I don’t know of another big-time CEO who so obviously loves his products. Look at his face. He can hardly contain himself. I can’t decide which picture I like more. So here they are, both of them. ***As you surely know, Steve Jobs resigned his position as CEO of Apple today via this letter to the Apple Board of Directors “and the Apple Community” (which I thought a nice touch). I’ve received… Continue Reading Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple: My Thoughts
HP Doesn’t Get It - Hewlett-Packard appears to be through as a PC maker. Their TouchPad (HP’s version of the iPad), introduced only six weeks ago, was recently discounted– and now it’s discontinued. Today, at HP’s quarterly earnings conference call, HP said that it was “exploring options” for getting out of the PC business altogether. Wow. There’s a lot of other HP news, though none of it as shocking as HP’s ability to face the fact that an HP logo on a not-as-good-as-the-iPad tablet isn’t nearly good enough. The thing that really stands out, though, is what HP’s CEO and… Continue Reading HP Doesn’t Get It
Lion Update 10.7.1: Big Improvement - Today Apple released its first update to Mac OS X Lion: 10.7.1. You can read a little about it on Apple’s site. If you’re on Lion already, this update is a must. Here, 10.7.1 runs in glorious silence, quite a difference from my Mac’s “roaring” (get it? Lion? Roaring?) fans under the initial 10.7.0. That’s a big plus. It’s likely that Apple was working on this update even before Lion’s initial availability, which means that much of 10.7.1’s improvements is stuff that Apple already knew about. And that means that bugs that were found after… Continue Reading Lion Update 10.7.1: Big Improvement
Apple 10.6.8 Revised Update - Apple put out a “supplemental” 10.6.8 update today (July 25th, 2011). Among other important fixes, it restores network printing functionality that broke with the original 10.6.8. Apple puts it this way: “resolves issues with certain network printers that pause print jobs immediately and fail to complete.” Sounds good to me. Go to Software Update under your Apple menu and get this fix. Last updated 12/17/15
Breakfast with the Lion - I installed Mac OS X Lion onto my MacBook last night. Once installed, Spotlight began indexing my hard drive, and that’s a pretty intensive process that really slows everything down (except for the fans inside the MacBook, which were going full-speed). Considering the “About 10 hours remaining” in the following dialog box……I thought it would be better to leave it alone, have dessert, go to bed, and try it again in the morning. With breakfast. Which is what I did. Here’s how it went. Let’s Get StartedThe first thing I noticed about Lion is how… Continue Reading Breakfast with the Lion
A Brief Lion Update - At this very moment I am backing up my MacBook in preparation for a Lion install. I want to be able to go back to 10.6.8 in a hurry if I have to, so what I’ve done is purchase a 500 GB internal hard drive* (same size as the drive in my MacBook), stick it into my NexStar Hard Drive Dock,* and using Super Duper make a complete clone of the MacBook’s internal drive. Once that’s done, I’ll take the old drive out, put the new drive in, and then (with the original drive safely… Continue Reading A Brief Lion Update
Don’t Rush to Install Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) - We all like new stuff. With Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) coming out tomorrow and for only $29.99 it’s oh-so-tempting to download it as soon as possible. But I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You might end up with a better operating system, but you might also end up with a printer that doesn’t print, a scanner that doesn’t scan, installers that don’t install, and programs that won’t launch. Your best course of action is to wait. While you’re waiting, do your homework: find out whether your printer will work with… Continue Reading Don’t Rush to Install Lion (Mac OS X 10.7)
Quicken for Mac Incompatible with Lion - UPDATE (March 8th, 2012): Intuit has built a Lion-compatible version of Quicken 2007! You can read all about it on their site, at this page. Unfortunately, they do not provide a link or any information about how you go about getting the Lion-compatible version. Come on, Intuit. That’s not very nice. I managed to find the link for you: click here. They want $14.99 for the download but if you want to run Quicken on a Mac with OS X Lion (or a later system) you have no choice. Spend the $14.99. By the way,… Continue Reading Quicken for Mac Incompatible with Lion
Mac OS X 10.6.8 Printing Issue, and a Fix! - — Mac OS X 10.6.8 Printing Issue, and a Fix! — We interrupt The iMom Project to bring you this news about the Mac OS X 10.6.8 update. If you have a networked printer there is a chance that the printer won’t work after you update to 10.6.8. 10.6.7 works perfectly but 10.6.8 has a problem. Think it over before automatically clicking “Install.” UPDATE: the 10.6.8 Supplemental Update fixes the problem. (7-25-2011) The problem has been traced to a small change in the printing system. It appears to be a mistake. Fortunately, the fix is… Continue Reading Mac OS X 10.6.8 Printing Issue, and a Fix!
Radio Interview: WWDC Wrap-Up - I talked Saturday with with Digital Village, a terrific radio program based in Los Angeles, about Apple’s recently concluded World Wide Developers’ Conference. We talked about iCloud, iOS 5, and Mac OS X Lion. This link will take you to Digital Village’s archived audio page– my part is right at the top (or, if you’re coming in late, it’s in the June 11th 2011 section). Lots of other good stuff to listen to while you’re in there. Have a look around. From their web page: “Digital Village is a weekly broadcast about the impact of… Continue Reading Radio Interview: WWDC Wrap-Up
Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC 2011 - Steve Jobs will give the keynote speech at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference today at 10 AM. It is sure to be all over the news. I will post a link to the official keynote video as soon as it is available (it does not appear that we will be able to watch it live at 10 AM). No one “on the outside” knows what Steve Jobs will show at WWDC, except for what Apple has formally announced: More stuff about Mac OS X 10.7, aka “Lion” New stuff about iOS 5 (a new version… Continue Reading Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC 2011
Apple Security Update 2011-003 and the Mac Defender Malware - There’s this bad thing called Mac Defender. It comes from bad guys (Russians, just like in the movies). Then there’s this good thing called Apple Security Update 2011-003. It comes from good guys (Apple, Inc.). You want the Security Update 2011-003 because you DON’T want Mac Defender. So, Step One: go to your Apple menu, choose “Software Update…”, and install Apple Security Update 2011-003. You can read about it by clicking here but this is a case where you can take my word for it. Get the update and read about it later if you… Continue Reading Apple Security Update 2011-003 and the Mac Defender Malware
Giant Email Security Breach - You are probably going to receive one or more emails, reading something like this: “Today we were informed by Epsilon Interactive, our national email service provider, that your email address was exposed due to unauthorized access of their system. We have been advised that the only information that was obtained is your name and email address.”That’s nice. I’ve received four such emails, including two from Ralphs Supermarket (interestingly, the first one says “Dear Christian Boyce” while the second one says “Dear Valued Customer”), one from Best Buy, and one from Robert Half International. Citibank, Walgreen’s,… Continue Reading Giant Email Security Breach
Scammers Everywhere, and They Know Where You Live - UPDATE: check out this great ScamWarners site. This post in particular exposes many of the common scams. I was in Round Rock, Texas last weekend and while there I used my MacBook to bring up the Los Angeles Times website. I noticed a couple of ads that mentioned a “Round Rock Mom” and wouldn’t have thought much of it except that the “Round Rock Mom” looked familiar. The reason she looked familiar is that I’d seen her picture many times before while reading the Times from home in Santa Monica– but, in those cases, she… Continue Reading Scammers Everywhere, and They Know Where You Live
How to Get an iPad 2 - A friend sent me a link to a New York Times article called “How to Procure an iPad 2.” The article was very interesting and made it sound like you could get one at Best Buy with minimal effort. Unfortunately, the article is wrong. So, read it if you want, but with a grain of salt. And like your Mom told you, don’t believe everything you read. Even in the New York Times. Shocking. I will bet you, however, that your Mom NEVER told you not to believe what you read here on The Boyce… Continue Reading How to Get an iPad 2
Quick Fix for a Facebook Security Issue - Facebook has a nice little security hole, and someone has already done a “proof of concept” hack to show that it’s easy to get into someone’s account. The hack involves “listening” as people log into Facebook using an open network (such as what you’d find at Starbucks) and capturing names and passwords. Once that happens, the hacker has all he needs. He can log in with the captured Facebook credentials and post things and comment on things and delete things and generally cause a bunch of trouble. You don’t want that. Unfortunately, the person who… Continue Reading Quick Fix for a Facebook Security Issue
Best Buy’s iPad 2 Availability Checker - Best Buy sells the iPad 2, and they have a handy online iPad 2 availability checker where you can tell it which iPad 2 you want, enter a zip code, and find out whether Best Buy has it in stock at a store near you. They are not currently accepting iPad 2 orders online so if they do have it in stock you’ll have to RUN to the store and get one (because you can’t reserve it online). Still, it beats driving all over the place and making a bunch of phone calls. UPDATE: Best… Continue Reading Best Buy’s iPad 2 Availability Checker
QR Codes: the Next Big Thing - Qrafter icon (QR code reader). QR Codes: the Next Big Thing This is a business card. So is the black-and-white mess below. And the messy one is easier to put into your address book. That’s because it’s a “QR code,” and it turns out it contains all of the information in the card above– and you can read it using your iPhone’s camera and add it to your address book without doing any typing at all. I’m telling you, it’s the Next Big Thing. The QR code format is rather broad. Storing name, address, and… Continue Reading QR Codes: the Next Big Thing
iPad 2 Unveiled - No better way to find out about the iPad 2 than to watch Steve Jobs introduce it himself. Watch the unveiling. You’ll want an iPad 2 before the video’s anywhere near finished. Worth watching to the end though so you can hear Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design, say “Aluminium” (1:04:15). Certainly nice to see Mr. Jobs. I hope he’s feeling better. Last updated 12/17/15
Introducing “The Daily” - From the press release: New York, NY, February 2, 2011 – Today Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of News Corporation, unveiled The Daily — the industry’s first national daily news publication created from the ground up for iPad.   “New times demand new journalism,” said Mr. Murdoch. “So we built The Daily completely from scratch — on the most innovative device to come about in my time — the iPad.” “The magic of great newspapers — and great blogs — lies in their serendipity and surprise, and the touch of a good editor,” continued Mr.… Continue Reading Introducing “The Daily”
Macworld Round-Up: Stuff I Bought - I’m back from Macworld 2011 and as usual, it was a lot of fun. Also as usual, it was a lot of walking but this year I wore tennis shoes instead of cowboy boots. It took a while but I’m getting smarter. There was plenty of cool stuff to look and play with and you can read about some of it here, here, and here. Rather than describe every interesting item I saw at Macworld I’m going to tell you about the things that I bought. You know I had to like it if I… Continue Reading Macworld Round-Up: Stuff I Bought
Macworld Expo This Week! - Macworld Expo 2011 begins today in San Francisco. Historically the largest annual Mac-related love fest held near a large body of water, Macworld has evolved over the years to a smaller show, with iPods and iPhones pushing Macs aside. However, it is still held near the same large body of water. I think I’ve been to every Macworld Expo, which means something like 25 of them, which also means that I’m not 22 anymore. Hmm. I expect to see a lot of iPad-related things at the show, but one thing about Macworld Expo is you… Continue Reading Macworld Expo This Week!
Steve Jobs Can’t Read Your Mind, but He Doesn’t Have To - Steve Jobs is a lot of things, but he’s not a mind-reader. I mention this because article after article tells us: • “For years, and across a career, knowing what consumers want has been the self-appointed task of Mr. Jobs” (New York Times) • “Jobs’ greatest gift hasn’t been for invention as much his uncanny ability to anticipate what people want” (The Associated Press) • “He is perhaps singular in his ability to know what people want” (The Christian Science Monitor)I say bah. Steve Jobs can’t tell what people want. But he doesn’t have to.… Continue Reading Steve Jobs Can’t Read Your Mind, but He Doesn’t Have To
Just worry for Steve - Apple employees were sent this email on Monday January 17th, 2011, announcing that Apple CEO Steve Jobs would be taking a leave of absence to concentrate on his health. That’s all we know. We don’t know when he’s coming back. We don’t know that he’s coming back for sure. We don’t know what’s wrong. We don’t know anything. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people saying thinks like “that’s the end of Apple, time to sell my stock.” I don’t agree with that. Yes, Steve Jobs is a special guy. But, he’s hand-picked a bunch… Continue Reading Just worry for Steve
iPhone on Verizon - Well well well. As predicted, you will soon be able to use an iPhone on the Verizon Wireless network. You can read all about it on Verizon’s website but they leave a few things out. Here’s the stuff they don’t come right out and say. Verizon’s version of “3G” is not as fast as AT&T’s version, so speed-wise AT&T’s network is better. When you have coverage. Verizon’s 3G network has more coverage than AT&T’s, so coverage-wise Verizon’s network is better. Verizon’s network does not allow you to talk on the phone while doing internet-data things… Continue Reading iPhone on Verizon
New Mac App Store - Apple introduced its Mac “App Store” today and I love it. I think you will too. First things first: your Mac has to be on 10.6.6 or later. Here’s a link to the 10.6.6 Combo Update. You can’t use the update unless you’re already on 10.6.something, FYI. When you install the 10.6.6 Combo Update you get one new application– the App Store– placed into your Applications folder, and it’s also given space in your Dock. Give the App Store icon a click and you’re in– that’s all there is to it. Here’s what you see… Continue Reading New Mac App Store
Sneaky “Google” Scam - Google called us last week. At least, they said they were Google. Turns out they weren’t– instead, they were crooks, hoping to scam us. Luckily, we were a little suspicious and didn’t get suckered into handing over our money but it would have been easy to be fooled. Here’s how the scam goes– make sure it doesn’t happen to you! First, the phone call comes from an Oklahoma area code. Google, of course, is in California. But, when they call and say it’s Google calling it is sort of exciting– “Imagine! Google is calling ME!”–… Continue Reading Sneaky “Google” Scam
Office 2011: Don’t Bother - Executive Summary: we waited three years for THIS?! Don’t bother buying it, unless you absolutely have to. And, keep in mind that in some ways it’s not even as good as the previous version. Microsoft’s Office, like McDonald’s hamburger, is very popular without being very good. Thanks to clever bundling arrangements on the PC side, Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint and Excel have become a workplace standard. Until recently, Mac users who wanted to view documents created by PC users were essentially forced to purchase a copy of Microsoft Office for the Mac, even if they really… Continue Reading Office 2011: Don’t Bother
New Apple MacBook Airs - Apple introduced a new MacBook Air portable computer today— actually, two of them. One has a 13-inch screen and the other an 11-incher. They replace the existing MacBook Air and offer several improvements over the older model, including longer battery life, better screens, instant on, and a great big multi-touch trackpad. The biggest difference under the hood is the use of a “Flash” drive rather than a traditional spinning mechanical hard disk. For all practical purposes the MacBook Air’s new Flash drive is just like a digital camera card– small, flat, no noise, no moving… Continue Reading New Apple MacBook Airs
Top 3 iPhone Games - Note: I am honored to present this special Guest Expert blog post, written by my friend Zach, a Macintosh and iPhone gaming expert. — Christian BoyceTop 3 iPhone Gamesby Zach, age 9 First Place: Ancient WarPoint of the game: destroy a totem pole without your own totem pole being destroyed tooCost: $1.99 Ancient War is great difficulty-wise. It has different levels that start off really easy and become extremely hard. Also, Ancient War has good action, good controls and okay sound effects. I like how every couple of minutes you get to shoot fireballs.Ancient WarSecond… Continue Reading Top 3 iPhone Games
NFL Prime Time iCal Calendar for 2010 - Note: this is a repeat of a blog entry from last year, with updated data for 2010. Preseason games are not included. I wanted an iCal calendar of the prime-time NFL games (Monday Night Football, the Sunday night game, the occasional Thursday night game) but I couldn’t find one online. I did find the entire NFL schedule, but that was way more than I wanted. Solution: I imported the entire NFL schedule, then wrote an AppleScript to remove every game whose starting time was before 4 PM. Simple. Here’s the script, for educational purposes… —… Continue Reading NFL Prime Time iCal Calendar for 2010
Pile of old phones How to trade in your old cell phones, computers, and other electronics for cash or gift cards - — How to trade your old cell phones, computers, and other electronics for cash or gift cards — RadioShack’s Trade-and-Save program is no longer. But there are plenty of other options for trading in your old cell phones and computers and other electronic equipment, including: Apple’s Trade-in Program Amazon’s Trade-in Program Gazelle and It’s Worth More You may also like this article by me: Trade-in Your Old Smartphone for an Apple Store Gift Card. Note: Gazelle will sell you used equipment at a discount. Worth looking into. Last updated 07/7/16
iPhone 4 Antenna Song - Apple’s iPhone 4 press conference is going on right now. They started it by showing this YouTube video. Last updated 12/15/15
Free Admission to MacWorld Expo - MacWorld Expo 2011 is six months away, but if you plan ahead a little you can save major buckos on admission. In fact, if you use this link before the end of the day on July 26th, you can get in for free. San Francisco in January isn’t exactly balmy but who cares, it’s SAN FRANCISCO, and it’s MacWorld— the biggest Mac (and iPhone, and iPad) love-fest on Planet Earth. You are likely to have a great time. Mark your calendar. Note: they’ve changed the dates. The conference part of MacWorld Expo starts January 26th… Continue Reading Free Admission to MacWorld Expo
iPhone 4 FaceTime - People ask me all the time “What does the new iPhone 4 do that my old iPhone can’t?” Here’s one thing: FaceTime. Only on iPhone 4. Last updated 12/15/15
iPhone 4 signal strength - You’ve probably heard about problems with Apple’s iPhone 4— specifically, there’s something about the antenna that makes the number of AT&T signal bars go down when you hold the phone in your hand “in certain ways.” It turns out that “certain ways” includes the way I’d normally hold it (in the palm of my left hand). Bummer. I had not noticed this problem myself, but I was able to reproduce it. Here it is, in pictures.iPhone 4 on desk. Five AT&T bars (top left corner). A few seconds later, I picked up the phone and… Continue Reading iPhone 4 signal strength
iCal calendar for World Cup matches - In the “better late than never” category, here’s a calendar for your iCal with the time and date of every World Cup match. Click here to get the calendar. All you do is click on it. iCal will add it automatically. I would set it to refresh once per day– not so important now, but when we get to the knockout round it will be nice to have the country names rather than “1st place Group C vs. 2nd Place Group D.” You can turn it off with a simple uncheck-of-the-box later, or even delete… Continue Reading iCal calendar for World Cup matches
Free iPhones - Radio Shack will be selling the new iPhone 4, and will be offering $200 as a trade-in for iPhone 3GS owners. Since the new iPhone is $199, you’re basically getting it for free. Worth checking it out. Last updated 12/15/15
Free corn dogs! - Hot Dog on a Stick is giving away free corn dogs today, from 5 pm to 8 pm. One per customer. FYI. Last updated 12/15/15
iPhone 4- yes please - When the first iPhone came out I got one, but I didn’t really “get it.” Now, though, I get it– and I’ll be getting the new iPhone the first day (June 24th, 2010). Here’s a link to Steve Jobs introducing the new iPhone (“the iPhone 4”) at the World Wide Developers’ Conference two days ago. He explains it better than anyone, so get the story straight from Steve. Last updated 12/15/15
National Office Manager Appreciation Month - June is loaded with holidays: there’s Flag Day and Fathers Day, of course, but there’s also National Donut Day (on the 4th– free donut at Dunkin’ Donuts if you follow that link), Donald Duck Day (on the 9th), and Waffle Iron Day* (on the 29th). To that, add National Accordion Awareness Month and National Turkey Lovers Month, and you might think that June is all holiday-ed out. But no. It turns out that June is National Office Manager Appreciation Month, and in recognition of National Office Manager Appreciation Month all Amazon referral fees earned by… Continue Reading National Office Manager Appreciation Month
About That Stolen iPhone… - It sounds like a joke– “Guy walks into a bar…”– but it’s pretty serious stuff: Apple engineer loses prototype iPhone in a bar, someone finds it, leaves the bar with it, and sells it to tech/rumor/news site for a cool 5 G’s. Gizmodo takes it apart, writes about it, gets lots of attention. Apple wants its phone back, police get involved, search warrants are presented, Gizmodo reporter and the guy who “found” the iPhone are both in big trouble. That’s the short story. Until now, that’s all we had. Until now. The longer story… Continue Reading About That Stolen iPhone…
Putting It Another Way - I’ve thought quite a bit about this Apple, Adobe, and Flash issue. I think it comes down to this: Adobe is saying “Hardware doesn’t matter.” They have an idea for an app (for a smartphone) or an idea for a desktop application (for a Mac or a PC), and then they try to make it run on all of the machines they can. They don’t care which phone you use– iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, something else– they just want to get their program to work on it, and if they’re able to make it work on… Continue Reading Putting It Another Way
Apple, Adobe, and Flash - You may have heard that Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch do not run Flash. Flash is Adobe’s plug-in software, used by web designers for animations and video. Apple doesn’t like Flash because it’s buggy and slow, and– I suspect– because it leads to sloppy, cheesy websites with gratuitous rollover action. Adobe gives away the Flash plug-in– you probably have it. They sell the tools that developers use to MAKE Flash (you watch Flash stuff for free, but the people who make things with Flash pay to make it). This is a nice business for… Continue Reading Apple, Adobe, and Flash
iPhone OS 4 Coming Soon - Apple showed off its upcoming iPhone software update, the so-called iPhone OS 4. It really looks great but to most people, it won’t “look” at all because it’s mostly under the hood, which is how it ought to be. All you’ll know is your iPhone (and iPad) will be easier and more fun to use. There are plenty of things to like about this new version but the thing I’m looking forward to the most is Multi-tasking. Multi-tasking means that with iPhone OS 4 the iPhone can do more than one thing at a time.… Continue Reading iPhone OS 4 Coming Soon
Apple’s Sold 300,000 iPads - 300,000 iPads sold so far. Pretty impressive for something that no one thought they wanted or needed– really, an extra device, not a replacement for anything else– until Apple showed it to us in January. Correction: it’s 300,000 iPads as of midnight Saturday April 3rd (the first day they were available). That’s even better. Last updated 12/8/15
Nice iPad Video - reviewed the iPad and produced this very nice video that tells you all about it. Yes, the narrator speaks too rapidly, but you’re in control– put your mouse over the video and pause it if you need to (I did). Or grab the time (above the little stripe showing how much you’ve watched) and drag it back to the left to make the guy back up (I did that too). PCMag: Apple iPad video review from Reviews on Vimeo. Last updated 12/15/15
First iPad Review(s) - David Pogue reviewed the iPad. Actually, he reviewed it twice. Worth a quick read. Last updated 12/15/15
iPad Video Tutorials - You may not have heard but Apple has something new called the iPad and it’s coming out April 3rd (this Saturday). They’ve made some sales tools, I mean instructional videos, and you can watch them via this link. Warning: the videos are very well done and you may find yourself ordering an iPad after watching them. Kids, take note: look at the hands in these iPad videos. Take care of your nails and you too could be an Apple “hand model.” It beats working. Trust me. Last updated 12/8/15
Apple’s first iPad ad - Apple showed its first iPad ad last night, during the Academy Awards. (I think they showed the first iPhone ad during the Academy Awards three years ago– that worked out pretty well.) Here’s a link to the ad. I’m not sold on the iPad, nor on the ad. It’s a bit noisy for me– I was hoping for something a little less frantic. Oh well. Last updated 12/9/15
Christian Boyce Radio Program Archive - Radio station KPFK FM 90.7 in Los Angeles had me on their show March 6th, 2010. Here are links to the audio archive: one link for the first half hour, and another link for the second. It’s an interesting show so I recommend you listen to both. However, the interview with me is in the second half. Last updated 12/9/15
iPads coming soon - (from Apple’s press release) Apple today announced that its magical and revolutionary iPad will be available in the US on Saturday, April 3, for Wi-Fi models and in late April for Wi-Fi + 3G models. In addition, all models of iPad will be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK in late April. Beginning a week from today, on March 12, US customers can pre-order both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models from Apple’s online store ( or reserve a Wi-Fi model to pick up on Saturday, April 3,… Continue Reading iPads coming soon
Christian Boyce on the Radio, March 6th, 2010 - There’s a terrific radio program called “Digital Village” on Saturday mornings in Los Angeles. The hosts (Ric Allan and Doran Barons) discuss technology and its impact on communication. It’s always interesting. You should check it out. This Saturday, March 6th, I’ll be Digital Village’s featured guest. I’ll be talking about last month’s Macworld Expo, and iPads, and iPhones, and Macs. The show starts at 10 AM Pacific time. My portion of the program begins at 10:30 AM, roughly speaking. Three ways to listen: Tune your radio to KPFK, 90.7 FM. Click this link and listen… Continue Reading Christian Boyce on the Radio, March 6th, 2010
Macworld Expo Report - I’m back from Macworld Expo. I spent about a day and a half there, plenty of time to see all of the exhibits once and many of them twice. The show was much, MUCH smaller than last year. We knew in advance that Apple wouldn’t be there, but we were all wondering how many others wouldn’t be there. The answer: about half of the vendors from last year stayed home. Off the top of my head, here’s a list of big companies that WEREN’T at Macworld this year: Canon Epson Adobe Quark FileMaker Intuit Google… Continue Reading Macworld Expo Report
Macworld Expo is this week! - The big Macworld Expo show starts this Thursday in San Francisco. For the first time in Macworld’s history, Apple will not be there. (In case you didn’t know, Macworld Expo is put on by the people who own Macworld magazine. Apple was never the host of Macworld, only an attendee.) It should be an interesting show anyway. Prediction: there will be several super-cheap iPad knockoffs available for you to waste your money on. I mean “buy.” You can get a free pass to Macworld by clicking this link and signing up. That will save you… Continue Reading Macworld Expo is this week!
Apple iPad Info - You may not have heard but Apple introduced something called the iPad today. There are plenty of places for you to read about the not-shipping-for-two-months iPad, and I haven’t had my hand(s) on one yet, so rather than write about it myself I’m just sending you a few links. Apple’s iPad pages Engadget’s iPad pages MacRumors’ iPad pages It certainly looks like an interesting device. Two things that jump out at me: Apple used its own chip to power the iPad– they did not use an Intel chip, nor an AMD chip, nor any other… Continue Reading Apple iPad Info
Save Time and Trouble with - You know that feeling you get when you suddenly discover that there’s a much easier way to do things? That’s the feeling I got when I “discovered”, because Tripit makes one of my more tedious tasks go away. Which task is that? The one where I type flight information into my calendar so I have it when I need it. Anyone who’s done it knows the routine: you make your travel plans online (typity-type, clickety-click), then you get to type even more into the calendar, trying very hard to be careful, but take it… Continue Reading Save Time and Trouble with
Apple’s new i-thing - Everyone’s asking me about this new “thing” from Apple, so I thought I’d answer all of you at once. First of all, no one outside of a select few at Apple know anything about Apple’s not-yet-announced thing. We don’t know what it’s called, we don’t know what it looks like, we don’t know when it will be available, we don’t know what it will cost. And we don’t know what it will do. All we do know is that Apple sent out an invitation yesterday (I didn’t get one) and that Apple will show their… Continue Reading Apple’s new i-thing
Blog from anywhere! - There’s a nifty little iPhone app called BlogPress and it lets you add and edit Blogger and Blogspot blog entries. If you have a blog on either Blogger or Blogspot you simply must try it. I’m using the free version (there’s a fancier not-free version) and it works like a charm. Another couple of great iPhone blogging apps: BlogTouch Pro for Blogger and Blogspot and BlogTouch Pro for WordPress. These apps MAY result in more-frequent posts by me. Only if I have something to say, of course. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Last… Continue Reading Blog from anywhere!
Lower Prices for AT&T’s iPhone plan - This just in: AT&T is cutting the price of their unlimited voice and data plan for the iPhone to $99. The old price was $129. There is no word (yet) about whether they will cut the price on the other, not-unlimited plans. Existing iPhone users can switch to the cheaper plan by going to AT&T’s website starting Monday January 18th, 2010. There is no fee for making the switch and the end date of your contract will not change. Basically, if your iPhone is on an unlimited plan, it’s a no-brainer. Change to the $99… Continue Reading Lower Prices for AT&T’s iPhone plan
Missing the Steve Jobs keynote - In years past, the first week of January meant “incredibly cool and awesome” new products from Apple, presented by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during his keynote speech at MacWorld Expo. Apple’s not going to MacWorld this year, and MacWorld’s been moved to February anyway, and gee it feels like something’s missing. This video– a condensed edition of a recent Steve Jobs talk– isn’t a substitute for the real thing, but it helps. Check it out. 86 seconds long. You’ll laugh. Last updated 12/15/15
Hardware and Software Money-Savers - Amazon has Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Home & Student Edition* quite a bit below the list price (The Apple Store sells it for $98). This is an especially good deal because you get three installation serial numbers in the package, meaning your purchase covers installing on three machines. Microsoft Office is a little on the clumsy side but if you’re getting documents in Word and Excel formats you’ll be glad that you have Office installed. Another good deal: Apple Airport Express* for a little under Apple’s list price of $99. Use this to extend… Continue Reading Hardware and Software Money-Savers
Happy Thanksgiving 2009 - We’ll be back next week. Meanwhile, enjoy the turkey and pumpkin pie, and check out our older posts. Answer our poll question too, if you have the time. Last updated 01/7/17
Review: Apple’s magical Magic Mouse - There it is: Apple’s Magic Mouse (held by someone else’s nicely manicured hand). I have one (a Magic Mouse, not a nicely manicured hand) and so far, so good. I’ve used it for a week and I’m happy. It’s super-precise, it’s wireless (yay), and there aren’t any parts to get gummy and quit working. Plus it slides very well on the desk. Setting up the Magic Mouse is easy, except for getting it out of the box. Generally speaking, unboxing an Apple product is a delight, something you want to share with a friend (putting… Continue Reading Review: Apple’s magical Magic Mouse
Time to Upgrade to Snow Leopard - Apple released the 10.6.2 Snow Leopard update and it fixes a whole lot of issues (click the link and start the download while you read). I had been waiting for this update before moving to Snow Leopard, and I’m glad I did. Apple had already put out the 10.6.1 update, but that didn’t address the problems that early adopters of 10.6 had been reporting. For those problems, we’d have to wait for 10.6.2, and now it’s here. Armed with the 10.6.2 update, I installed 10.6 on my original Intel iMac (the white one), and then… Continue Reading Time to Upgrade to Snow Leopard
Free Mac Software - The people at MacHeist put together bundles of software at a low price. This time it’s VERY low: $0. All you have to do is visit their site and sign up. For FREE you get… ShoveBox (for storing information snippets, though I prefer Evernote) WriteRoom (a nice little writing program) Twitterific (very useful if you use Twitter at all) TinyGrab (for sharing screenshots over the internet) Hordes of Orcs (game) Mariner Write (a very nice word processor) For free, why not give these things a try? That’s what I’m going to do. The offer expires… Continue Reading Free Mac Software
Introducing Managed Service from Christian Boyce - We’re introducing something new today: Managed Service from Christian Boyce. In a nutshell, you get the same great service as always, but you get it sooner and it costs you less. Click this link to read all about it. Last updated 12/14/15
New Apple Stuff, Today! - Actually, some of this stuff isn’t really “new.” It’s more like “revised.” But hey. And most of this stuff wasn’t in the stores today, though it will be in about a week. I found that out by visiting a few Apple Stores this afternoon, in search of a Magic Mouse*. I’ll get one, and when I do, I’ll review it here. That looks to be about a week away.) I couldn’t find a new iMac (or a Magic Mouse) anywhere, but I did see the new MacBook at the Apple Store in Santa Monica and… Continue Reading New Apple Stuff, Today!
Anti-Glare Film for the iPhone - Power Support Anti-Glare Film is the best $14.95 you can spend on your iPhone. It does a great job of cutting glare, it protects your iPhone’s screen, it cuts down on fingerprints, and it feels great as you tap and drag. You ought to get some. They come two to a package so find a friend and split the cost. Here’s an Amazon link to the Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 3G/3GS*, and here’s a link to the Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set for the original iPhone* Get the right one: the sizes… Continue Reading Anti-Glare Film for the iPhone
A Boyce in the Wilderness - Fifteen months and 120 blog entries ago I started writing this blog. One of the reasons I did it was to experiment with the blogging concept, in particular how a single person’s writings– a voice in the wilderness– would be discovered out on the web. How long would it take? Who would the readers be? Would they come back for more? We’ve figured that out, and more. Now we want to see how things go if I come right out and ask. So here goes. First, if you find my blog interesting, informative, fun to… Continue Reading A Boyce in the Wilderness
iPhone 3.1.2 Update - Apple released updated iPhone software, version 3.1.2, this very afternoon. The previous version was 3.1 and no I don’t know what happened to 3.1.1. This update takes a lot less time than the 3.1 version and it is supposed to help the iPhone to wake up from sleep more reliably, to connect to the AT&T cellular network more reliably, and to show video without crashing more reliably. I never saw any of those problems but I guess someone did, and the new software is here to fix it. Assuming you want the update, which is… Continue Reading iPhone 3.1.2 Update
Buying an iMac? Wait a week - All signs point to a revised/renewed/refreshed iMac coming very very soon. If you can wait, wait. Last updated 09/29/09
MMS iPhone Update - MMS: noun. Abbreviation for Multimedia Messaging Service, an enhancement to the SMS (Short Messaging Service). In English: with MMS, you can still “text” someone, but now you can send a picture, or a video, or a sound. This feature was part of Apple’s 3.0 upgrade a few months ago, and lots of people have been using it ever since– except not in the United States, where AT&T couldn’t get its network ready in time. AT&T is ready now, and you can start using MMS today. Unless you’re using an original iPhone, in which case you… Continue Reading MMS iPhone Update
Great Deal on Microsoft Office 2008 - Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Home & Student Edition If you need it, you need it. Amazon usually has it for a lot less than anyone else does. Yes, you’ll have to wait to get it delivered, but there’s no shipping charge, and what’s a couple of days? Use this link* to go straight to it. Note: using the Amazon link generates a referral fee, paid by Amazon to me. Last updated 12/16/15
iPhone 3.1 Update - Last Wednesday’s iPod/iTunes lovefest marked the introduction of the iPhone 3.1 update. I installed it on my iPhone 3GS without a problem though the process was very time-consuming. Figure on at least an hour to get this done. Of course it’s completely automatic: connect your iPhone to your Mac, and when iTunes launches click on the iPhone icon at the left, then Check for Updates. Then go do something else, because you don’t want to mess with the computer while the update is being done. Keeping in mind that this is a free update*, you… Continue Reading iPhone 3.1 Update
Great deal on iWork ’09 - You already know that Apple’s iWork ’09 is a lot more fun than Microsoft Office. Recently, I gave a demonstration of iWork ’09 at the Cap Mac user group in Austin, Texas and after the show everyone wanted to know how to get it for less than the $79 list price. Well, here’s how. Click this link* and you’ll go to Amazon, where you can buy it for quite a bit less, with free shipping. Last updated 12/16/15
Apple Special Event Recap - Apple’s special event came and went yesterday– pretty interesting stuff, especially if you spend your time rearranging your music. The highlights: a new version of iTunes, and iPod nanos with video cameras. Details follow. The new iTunes (version 9) is easy to navigate if you’ve used any previous version. New features include the ability to actually move music from machine to machine, through the network, and something that lets you organize your iPhone apps just so, on the computer, before synching to your iPhone. Both features are things a lot of us wanted a long… Continue Reading Apple Special Event Recap
Apple Event September 9th - Apple will hold a special event, centered on iPods and iTunes, Wednesday September 9th in San Francisco. The event is called “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.” As usual, there are plenty of people guessing at what Apple has up its sleeve. I can guess too, but why bother? We’ll all know in a couple of days. In the meantime, here’s my advice: don’t buy an iPod before Wednesday. Here’s the front of the invitation that Apple sent out. Last updated 12/14/15
Snow Leopard: I say “Wait.” - Wish I could say “Go get it, install it, you’ll be very happy” but I can’t. I installed Snow Leopard on my MacBook yesterday, had a few problems, and went back to 10.5.8. My advice: wait until Apple has a 10.6.1 update before installing Snow Leopard. That’s what I’m going to do. There are plenty of nice additions and refinements in Snow Leopard but it’s the things that didn’t work that wrecked the deal for me. Here’s what I found in an hour of having Snow Leopard installed: Printing was very, very slow. The machine… Continue Reading Snow Leopard: I say “Wait.”
Snow Leopard Highlights - Based on Apple’s “Snow Leopard Enhancements and Refinements” page, we have some nice stuff to look forward to in Mac OS X 10.6. Here’s a quick list of what matters most to me. Rewritten Finder. Finally, after all these years, Apple has rewritten the Finder, in Cocoa. They’ve been telling everyone else to use Cocoa for years and finally Apple’s doing it themselves. This will make the Finder faster. Yay. Faster Time Machine backups. Faster is better. (If you are not using Time Machine, email me and let me talk you into it. Time Machine… Continue Reading Snow Leopard Highlights
Snow Leopard, available August 28th - Looky here– Apple finished Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) early! The software, which costs $29 for Macs with 10.5 already installed, will be available this Friday. If you want to know more about Snow Leopard, click here. If you want to buy a copy of Snow Leopard, click here*. I will install Snow Leopard as soon as possible and report my findings, good and bad. Stay tuned. Last updated 12/16/15
Bigger Wednesday - Long-time readers may remember “Big Wednesday” (July 30th, 2008) as my blog’s first 50-visit day. You can scroll down and read all about it. In case you don’t scroll down, the gist of the blog entry was “Today 50, tomorrow 100. Tell a friend.” Well, it took a little longer than I thought it would (maybe everyone told the same friend?), but my blog has indeed had its first 100-visit day, and what do you know, it happened on a Wednesday: August 5th, 2009. At this rate (roughly an additional visit per week) this blog… Continue Reading Bigger Wednesday
Snow Leopard is coming - Apple’s next version of the Mac OS is called Snow Leopard. It’s not out yet, but it will be soon, and I am already getting questions about it. Here are the answers. What’s Snow Leopard? Snow Leopard is Mac OS X 10.6. Rather than introduce hundreds of new features, Snow Leopard is focussed on being faster than 10.5 (Leopard), with fewer bugs. I didn’t notice a lot of bugs in 10.5 so I think the thing we’ll appreciate the most in 10.6 is speed. People who need Exchange Server support (you know who you are–… Continue Reading Snow Leopard is coming
It’s “iPhone 3GS,” not “iPhone 3G S” - I don’t know if it’s official or not but it appears that the new iPhone– previously known as the “iPhone 3G S”– is now known as the “iPhone 3GS.” The space between the “G” and the “S” has disappeared. Not sure when this happened but I’m glad of it, as it was awkward to type the other way. I point this out as a public service announcement. Rumor has it that Steve Jobs didn’t like the space, and that all references to “iPhone 3G (space) S” on the Apple website were changed to “iPhone 3GS”… Continue Reading It’s “iPhone 3GS,” not “iPhone 3G S”
Newspapers Around the World - Here’s a website that shows you newspapers from around the world. Point to a city and see the front page of today’s paper for that city. Click on a city and you’ll see the front page zoomed in. Look around (top right) for links to that newspaper’s website etc. Really fun. Thanks to my friend Gene for showing the site to me. Last updated 07/24/09
Palm Pre– not for me - No doubt you’ve been hearing a lot about Palm’s new “Pre” phone, made by a new team at Palm that looks a lot like the old team at Apple. Jon Rubinstein heads the group (and now Palm itself) and he used to be in charge of the iPod division of Apple. (Click the link to read all about Jon Rubinstein’s career– he’s done a lot.) David Pogue (New York Times) liked the Pre– read about it here. Walter Mossberg (Wall Street Journal) liked the Pre– read about it here. Christian Boyce (free agent writer, currently… Continue Reading Palm Pre– not for me
WWDC Keynote Speech - Apple’s Phil Schiller gave the keynote speech at the World Wide Developers Conference. Click the picture to watch the show. In a nutshell: Updated MacBook Pro laptops Updated iPhones (some cheaper, some faster) iPhone software 3.0 coming this month Mac OS X 10.6 coming in September– for $29! No, they did NOT come out with an iPhone whose camera faces forward, and no, Steve Jobs did not make an appearance. He’s scheduled to come back to work June 30th in case you’re wondering. Last updated 12/13/15
Rumor Roundup - Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) starts tomorrow in San Francisco. WWDC is an annual gathering of programmers who create applications for the Mac and the iPhone, hosted by Apple, and it’s a very big deal. It costs $1000 to attend, which is also a very big deal, and that explains why I’m not there this year. That, and my iPhone application programming is taking longer than I thought it would. Wait for next year. Anyhow, with WWDC comes a lot of press coverage, and with that comes a lot of guessing what we’ll see… Continue Reading Rumor Roundup
Two ways to get a free iPod Touch - Apple’s giving away an iPod Touch with purchase of a MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac. Actually, it’s a rebate thing, so you have to pay for it first, then submit the receipt, and wait for your money to come back. And, you can only take advantage of the deal if you’re going to college, or work at a college, or something like that. You can read all about it here. If you don’t qualify for the rebate you may be interested in an offer from another company: Ferrari. They are giving away an… Continue Reading Two ways to get a free iPod Touch
iWork ’09 Missing Manual - After months of hard work the iWork ’09 Missing Manual is now available. Here’s a modified version of the cover: Frankly, I think it’s fantastic, and not just because I was involved in it. Josh Clark has written a superb book and you are going to want to read it cover to cover. Click here to read all about it on the publisher’s website (note: they have a “buy two books, get one free” promotion going on if you buy it there– $39.99). Click here to buy it from Amazon*. iWork ’09 includes Pages, Keynote,… Continue Reading iWork ’09 Missing Manual
Stuff I Like, part 2 - It’s taken nine months but here, finally, is Stuff I Like, part 2. (Stuff I Like, part 1 was about PowerSupport Anti-Glare Film— now called “Tru Protection”* Anti-Glare film.) You can read all about these programs at their websites, so I’m not going to go into great detail here. I will give you a short summary and some special features I especially like. First up: 1Password. Remembers your passwords for logging into various websites. Works with Safari, Firefox, and a couple of other browsers and you can switch back and forth between them and 1Password… Continue Reading Stuff I Like, part 2
Billion Apps contest - Apple’s iPhone App Store is closing in on one BILLION downloads. From now until the billionth download, everyone who downloads anything from the App Store will be entered into a drawing for a gob of cool prizes ($10,000 iTunes gift card, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro, lunch with C. Boyce, etc.). Click here for the details. Last updated 12/13/15
Apple’s still in business - By now everyone’s written about Steve Jobs taking a little break for health reasons. Two themes have been repeated: Is Steve OK? Is there life for Apple after Steve Jobs? The answer to number 1 is “we don’t know.” Rumors have him considering a liver transplant. No truth to the rumor that Apple is developing the “iLiver” in several colors. The answer to number 2 is “yes, at least for now.” Apple is going great guns, selling more stuff than ever. Their earnings report for the first quarter of the fiscal year (which is the… Continue Reading Apple’s still in business
Macworld Expo Report 2.0 - Macworld Expo’s over-– hopefully, just for this year, but possibly forever. Rumors are swirling that Apple will go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next year (which means that I might get to finally attend that show, since it’s always conflicted with Macworld). In fact, some sources say that Apple’s already paid for their booth. We’ll see about that. Highlights of the show (at least for me): A new iLife package from Apple, with an iPhoto that recognizes faces. You have to see it to believe it. A new iWork package from Apple,… Continue Reading Macworld Expo Report 2.0
Macworld Expo Keynote - Well, it’s come and gone– the 2009 Macworld Expo keynote speech. You can watch all 90 minutes of it, including a couple of songs by Tony Bennett, including “I left my heart in San Francisco.” Here’s the link. I have to say that Phil Schiller did an admirable job, considering what he was up against. Here’s the keynote in a nutshell: There’s a new version of iLife coming out this month, which means updated iPhoto, Garage Band, iWeb, and iMovie. The highlight of iLife: face-recognition in iPhoto. It can find a face in a photo… Continue Reading Macworld Expo Keynote
Macworld Expo Report 1.0 - Coming Soon (January 10th, 2009 at 10 AM): it’s the Christian Boyce Macworld Expo Report, live from San Francisco. I’ll tell you all about the groovy stuff I saw at Macworld and I’ll tell you what I found out about Steve Jobs and I’ll tell you whether there will be a Macworld Expo next year or not. Listen live on KPFK, 90.7 FM in Los Angeles at 10 AM January 10th, 2009. Audio archive available here. Last updated 12/13/15
Website of the Day - If you have a Mac, you have a copy of Apple’s iCal calendar. It’s a nice little calendar, and it syncs with the iPhone, and there’s almost no reason not to use it. Especially when someone else types in the information! That’s where MarkThisDate comes in. MarkThisDate has zillions of calendars that are yours for the clicking– they jump right into your iCal and you can easily turn them off by unchecking a checkbox, or delete them all at once with just a couple of clicks. By the way, the calendars are free.Here are a… Continue Reading Website of the Day - What a cool website, and gee don’t I wish I’d found it before I took apart that iBook and couldn’t put it back together again. Click the picture and have a look. How-to manuals. Parts. Friendly tips. cboyce says “Check it out.” (Here’s the manual I should have read before taking apart the iBook): Last updated 12/13/15
Macworld Expo news - Macworld Expo is still three weeks away and already there is plenty of news, and all of it’s bad. First, as you’ve surely heard by now, Apple CEO Steve Jobs will NOT be giving the keynote speech this time. That’s bad. Jobs’ keynotes have been a big part of Macworld Expo, often the best part. Second, Phil Schiller, Apple’s head of worldwide marketing, WILL be giving the keynote speech. That’s also bad. Schiller’s robotic spin-meister marketspeak is a sad contrast to Jobs’ genuine enthusiasm for Apple’s hardware and software and people. I hadn’t thought about… Continue Reading Macworld Expo news
AppShopper website - Here’s a handy website for you iPhone users. It’s called “AppShopper.” With more than 10,000 iPhone applications available it’s getting harder and harder to find just the one you want via the iTunes Store. AppShopper makes it easy. Here’s a screen shot. Last updated 12/13/15
Uncle Steve says “We’ll fix it” - I hear that Steve Jobs sent “someone” an email saying he knows about the iPhone problem reported here– the one where all applications (except the default Apple ones) open for two seconds and then slam shut. He says the problem will be fixed in September, via a Software Update. Yahoo! Last updated 08/20/08
New iPhone Software! Yahoo! - Apple put out iPhone software 2.0.2 last evening. I of course installed it, and I of course am still having problems. If you were hoping (as I was) that everything would be fixed the next time Apple put out new iPhone software, you will be disappointed. Apple doesn’t say much about this release. All they will tell us is “bug fixes.” That’s nice. They didn’t fix the bugs I care the most about, though. On the other hand, it’s free. And it’s easy to get. Connect your iPhone to your Mac with the USB cable… Continue Reading New iPhone Software! Yahoo!
Living in a Modern World - In the olden days, you watched the Olympics on TV and you only got to see what they wanted you to see, when they wanted you to see it. If you were away from the TV you didn’t get to see it. Life was hard. But NOW, you can watch the Olympics on your computer, and see what YOU want to see, when YOU want to see it. Provided that the event isn’t in the future. All you have to do is click this link. You’ll need the “Silverlight” plug-in from Microsoft, and if you… Continue Reading Living in a Modern World
Big Wednesday - Wednesday July 30th, 2008 was’s biggest day ever in terms of “site visits.” We had 50, which means that someone came to the site 50 times. Now, that could be ME going to the site, closing my browser, coming back a little later, etc., 50 times… but it wasn’t. I like to think it was Steve Jobs, Mom, my nephew, and 47 of YOU. So “thanks.” The Boyce Blog page was the most-requested page on the site, even more than the home page. Which means that people are coming straight to the Blog without… Continue Reading Big Wednesday
Groovy new search engine - There’s a new search engine– It’s really cool. In fact, that’s how you pronounce it. Give it a whirl. UPDATE: they’re out of business. Last updated 12/12/15
Blogging His Way to Millions - I’ve been hearing (from everyone) that the guy who runs Mac Rumors has quit his doctoring job and is now supporting himself via his daily blogging. Incredible. The key, of course, is traffic– you need to have lots of people coming to your site so you can get advertisers interested in paying you to display their ads. The more traffic you get, the more money you get. Pretty simple equation. We don’t have a lot of traffic. Not yet. But we can dream. Tell a friend to check out my blog. Tell him to sign… Continue Reading Blogging His Way to Millions

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