Deal of the Week
Great additions to your computing environment. Recommended.

macmall MacMall:* great source of iMacs, the iPad Air 2, the iPad Pro, the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air, and more– a lot more. Giant selection. Prices are typically slightly discounted and they offer free shipping.
fujitsu_scansnapFujitsu ScanSnap:* the very best sheet-fed scanner. Super-fast one-button scanning. Works great with Evernote— we scan in every receipt, bill, warranty, everything. (And with Evernote we can find it again.) I like it so much I bought it three times! One for the office, one for home, and one for Mom. The best, by far.
The Clever Coffee DripperThe Clever Coffee Dripper* If you’re going to do lots of great stuff you have to stay up late. If you have to stay up late you’re going to need coffee. And if you’re going to need coffee, you want the The Clever Coffee Dripper.* Delicious coffee, easily made. Read all about it here.
transcendjetdrive Transcend JetDrive:* Hard drive storage upgrades for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Give your laptop new life by putting in a larger SSD. Beautiful, Apple-like packaging includes tools (special screwdrivers). You can do it! Instructions here, and help with picking the right model here. Or, contact me and I’ll do it for you. Or, go the easy way and just slide a JetDrive Lite* into the card-reader slot. For more info, read my article How to Add Storage Space to MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina.
Toshiba external USB hard drives:* perfect for Time Machine backups.
fitdeskFitDesk:* exercise bike with a desk on the handlebars for holding a laptop. Nearly silent. I ride it while reading my email and morning news, and while making phone calls. I lost 20 pounds on it in three months. Before and after pictures available on request.

MacMall Deal of the Week!
Deal of the Week

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