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I’m Christian Boyce. My customers call me the best Mac consultant in Los Angeles and I’m not about to argue. However, I also provide in-person Mac-related services to customers in the Austin Texas area, and I also provide iPhone and iPad training and support, so I guess we might need to rephrase things. Let’s just say I know my Apple stuff, and I want to share what I know with you.

This site serves two purposes:

  1. it lets you find out about me and how I can help you
  2. it stores hundreds of Mac and iPhone and iPad how-to articles, so you can help yourself.

With the exception of one very special article, I wrote everything on this site, and if something needs clarifying, just send me an email and I will help you out. If you particularly enjoy one of my articles, I’d appreciate it if you told a friend. Use the Share buttons to tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter or Stumbleupon or Google+. The more the merrier.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Christian Boyce

I change the background image on the home page on the first of every month. The picture shows where I was that day.

January 2016: Dana Point, California
January 2016: Dana Point, California
February 2016: Lexington, Kentucky
February 2016: Lexington, Kentucky
March 2016: Round Rock, Texas
March 2016: Round Rock, Texas
bluebonnets in Round Rock, Texas
April 2016: Round Rock, Texas
yellow rose of Texas
May 2016: Round Rock, Texas